August 14, 2015 By Kevin Ibe Leave a Comment It seems that after a long period of time, irrespective of the carb-to-fat ratios your body will reduce body fat differences between diets containing the same amount of calories. Experts have different opinions when it comes to the diets that people should adopt if they want to lose weight. Afterwards they took a break that lasted a few weeks and resumed the baseline diet for five days. The findings of the study indicate that calories are not equal when it comes to losing weight. We are trying to do very careful studies in humans to better understand the underlying physiology that will one day be able to help generate better recommendations about day-to-day dieting.
However the researchers admit that the study has its limitations due to the fact that it involved a small number of participants and because it did not last a long time.
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Scientists at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) have compared a low-carb diet with a low-fat diet and found out that a low-fat diet is more efficient than a low-carb diet when it comes to losing weight. After that they reduced 30 calories from their diet for six days but this time they reduced the fat intake. For now researchers cannot say for sure what type of diet is better in a real-life situation.
It’s estimated that LeBron James successfully lost about 10 to 12 pounds in 6 weeks thanks to low-carb diet. According to  Brian Windhorst, the most possible reason is LeBron James followed a low-carb diet following Ray Allen’s weight loss method. In the first stage of the study the participants were on a diet of 2.740 calories per day for five days. During the days when the participants were on a diet they were in the laboratory so the researchers closely monitored what they consumed. According to Hall the best option is to choose a diet which you are sure that you can stick to.

From the photo it’s evident that LeBron James drops a lot of weight in his face, shoulders and core. The reason is Ray Allen went to the training camp last year and as a better shaped Heat guy, Ray Allen’s secret is on Paleo diet. 50 percent of the calories came from carbs, 35 percent from fat and from protein there were 15 percent.
In the second part of the study the participants cut 30 calories from their diet by reducing the carbs intake.

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