Surya, Saravanan Sivakumar, had won the hearts of many people after the success of his film Ghajini. Surya’s trainer Satyajit Chaurasia helped him to have a six pack body by changing his lifestyle routine. His exercise included half an hour of aerobics and next one and a half hour of strenuous gyming. He believed in natural body and kept himself away from steroids and artificial fat burners. Earlier Surya used to weight around seventy five kilos, but after following the General Motors diet and the workout regime designed by Satyajit, he had lost around eleven kilos. The weather is getting warmer and summer is around the corner, what better time to start getting your beach body ready than RIGHT NOW?
We’ll analyze Ryan Gosling’s six pack abs workouts and nutrition plan and we’ll strip away the bullshit from the stuff that actually works.
You may not have the perfect head of hair or the cool facial demeanor but you can all LOOK AS GOOD OR BETTER than Ryan Gosling, neck down. AB – He has a number of trainers, he works with Aaron who is a super cool guy who does his STRENGTH TRAINING. About UsSoletopia is a street fashion blog that was launched as a source of curated style & entertainment, footwear-based. Now, having said that, when you are aiming for that six pack abs, you have to know that genes alone won’t help you achieve that kind of body, you have to play your cards and you have to know that diet plays a very crucial role. Apart from the food, you’ll also have to deal with a great deal of exercise techniques and tricks as well as adequate rest and sleep.
If you are really bent on bulking up, you have to ensure that you get an adequate amount of protein in your system. Think of the five primary benefits of water as compared to consuming coffee, soda, colas and other artificial beverages. Consisting of starchy goodies like wheat bread, oatmeal and pasta will certainly enhance your dieting. Of course and without saying much, a healthy body would have to forget about an unhealthy lifestyle. To give you a better idea on how the six pack abs diet works, here are food items to include in your cart.
Instead of buying chips or ordering a value meal from a fastfood outlet, go grab an apple or a banana for snacks. There are a variety of meat products in the market but if you are aiming for more protein but less of the greasy fat, go for the generous slices of turkey, chicken, ostrich and buffalo.

Finally, with grim determination and perhaps, complemented by the moral support of your family and friends, in no time, you’ll be able to achieve the body that you have always wanted. But he had made a lot of changes in the diet plan in order to suit his body’s requirements.
Surya says that Aamir Khan has inspired him a lot for the six packs since Aamir has worked very hard to achieve the eight packs even in his forties.
In lunch, he ate rice while for dinner he preferred fresh veggies along with two chapattis and rice plate.
In this article we’ll discuss the most effective and fastest way of melting the body fat and sculpting your six pack abs beach body.
Had Ryan been doing body weight exercises when he was on Breaker High, he would definitely NOT LOOK LIKE HE DID in his most recent films. This is exactly true when we talk about having to boast a body with all the right cuts and curves. This way, you don’t feel hungry all the time and that any sort of hunger pang will be curbed. With the additives and other synthetic chemicals and ingredients added to the processed ones, you will never know.
Water boosts burning of calories, facilitates fiber to move easily in the digestive tract, helps in the elimination and flushing of toxins, prevents dehydration (from workout) and supports any exercise plan specifically, by carrying the nutrients and oxygen needed while exercising.
Thus, make sure to have those sticky notes ready, the diet plans listed, your notebook for your dietary etc.
Forget about ever laying hands on junk foods, alcohol, nicotine (found in cigarettes) and laziness.
What makes these foods interesting is that you can buy these at the nearest grocery or wet market and you don’t need to search far and wide just to be able to buy any item. Thus, the unmilled brown rice has a greater potency to lower heart and digestive problems as well as Type 2 Diabetes.
This will not only make you more relax and refreshed, you will also benefit from not dealing with the harmful effects of alcohol, excess caffeine and sugar. Thanks to the six pack abs diet and you get to have that dream body to help you live longer and better. Surya claims that Aamir has been a source of inspiration to many people who want to have a great physique. Summer is around the corner and we believe everyone should look great – if they wish to do so – so let’s get started! We’ll decipher the misleading parts to give you a better grasp of what it takes to get that set of six pack abs.

You can still get a great looking beach body through calisthenics but you will look much leaner. More than that, small frequent feedings also mean you remain satiated and energized at any given time of the day.
When you go natural, take comfort in the fact that you don’t want have to worry about ingesting food that already lack the nutritive elements to be absorbed by your body. When it comes to six pack abs strong core body is important for which you need to have a healthy nutrition diet and focus on best six pack abs exercises. The basic regime required for building six pack abs is proper diet and fat burning cardio exercises. And if somebody just restricts their fruit consumption just to watermelons, then they can lose up to three pounds of weight. Your back should feel flat on the floor and heels should maintain a comfortable distance from your seat.Now placing your hands behind your lower part of head and start by sticking your shoulders together and your elbows back. The third day diet should consist of a healthy mix of fruits and vegetables, but potatoes and bananas should be kept at bay.
The head should be in alignment with your spine and elbow position should be kept maintained throughout.In step 3 the process starts with going upward by slowly exhaling and engaging your core and abdominal muscles. Holding each end from both hand and kneeling down holding rope in front of fore head slowly curling your torso downwards towards your knees feeling crunch on your abdominal muscles. For this hold the chin up bar by having strong grip, or you can also use arm harnesses attached to chin up bar.
Now keep your feet together and down completely.Now curl your knees up towards till the chest while sticking your legs together. After going till the maximum position hold on for a while when your knees are high causing crunch in your abdomen.
For this you have to sit on the bench in perpendicular or crosswise position having support on the sides.
Starting with bending your knees and then slowly bringing your legs up and leaning backward in slanting position at around 45 degree angle. Now curl your upper part of body bringing it towards pelvis while rounding your back and simultaneously bringing up your knees as well forming a V shape resulting in crunch feeling of your abdomen. Now bring back your knees and back to starting position and repeat again all these steps for best results.

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