While ita€™s true more people want to lose weight than gain it, putting on weight is not as easy as it looks; in fact ita€™s more difficult to put it on.
Carbs are needed to gain weight but include healthier options like banana, potato, mango, whole grains, rice, etc.
In order to increase your muscle mass, it is essential to do weight training 4-5 times a week for an hour. Consume protein-rich foods after you workout to increase muscle mass and eat good fats like nuts and seeds in your diet. Here is a healthy weight gain diet plan which includes the right foods one should consume to put on kilos in a healthy manner.
This diet is also great for people who want to lose weight as it contains fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, etc. Mercury levels are rising and summer is at its peak, and the scorching sun gives us enough reasons to constantly hunt for soothing foods which can comfort us in the heat. Drink naturally cooling beverages like coconut water, lemon juice, buttermilk, sugarcane juice, etc. Curd is excellent for summers as it increases friendly bacteria in the gut and improves digestion and boosts immunity.
Add veggies like cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, spinach, beet, etc to add to increase the water content in your body. Raw mango is a special fruit in the summer season and is extremely good to prevent sunstroke and weakness. The above mentioned diet is low in fat, medium in protein and high in good complex carbs which help control obesity, blood pressure, cholesterol and many other ailments.
Dietician Neha Chandna (Ranglani) she is one of the best dietitians for weight and fat loss in Khar West, Mumbai, India.
More often than not, it’s not what we are eating, but how much and when we are choosing to eat these things.
Apparently they contain ZERO sugar making them a great option when hungry to curb those unnecessary hunger pangs. Why moderation is needed They contain artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and other highly-acidic ingredients that will dent your teeth and turn your stomach into a toxic-waste-dump. How to trim it down Think of a diet soda like a beer (without the awesomeness) and drink only as a reward. Why moderation is needed Although smoothies are packed with nutrients, they’re also packed with a surprising amount of calories and sugar.
Nuts are a great source of healthy fats and fiber, which makes them a great between-meal option. How to trim it down Aim for a handful twice a day on training days, and none on your days off.
Fruit is often the first thing that comes to mind when choosing the healthiest alternative to a cheesecake. Some dopesters even believe that eating an apple will shed kilos and negate the effects of the 30 donuts which proceeded it.
Why moderation is needed Whilst fruit is loaded with vitamins a minerals, it’s also full of simple sugars which will send your thighs into a cankle-producing clash with your feet.

How to trim it down Think of fruit as sugar, and try to limit your intake the same way you’d limit yourself from eating a candy-bar. Salads are considered epicly awesome to any would-be Slim Jim – but nowadays, they’re often more bad than good. Why moderation is needed Salads are loaded with high-calorie tasty bits like croutons, bacon and dressings. However, some choose to eat 3 of them a day – Id suggest something protein based and more filling than going down the path of a quick carb fix that several apples offers. Apples are a good choice for a healthy snack if you are a carbohydrate type, as apples and all fruit are carbohydrates. Most of us are eager to lose weight but the people who are under-weight are equally eager to increase the weight. Track what you are having during the whole day and these statistics will tell you if you are having enough calories, proteins and carbs required. According to experts, gradual weight gain is always advisable and an increase in 500 kcal per day can result in a 0.5 kg per week increase in onea€™s body weight. Eating a handful of pumpkin or flaxseeds is a good way to give your body the fat intake it needs. But along with this, you also need to engage in physical activity for at least 30 minutes every day. It is a form of diet which is not only meant for existing patients of hypertension but also for people who have a family history or high chances of developing it. According to the DASH diet, salt intake of 1500-2300 mg is allowed depending on the persona€™s age, race, activity, health problems, genetics, etc. You can get dehydrated easily due to excess sweat and perspiration and thata€™s the time when you feel like reaching out for something cold like sodas, beverages or even cold water. In high humidity, you do not sweat adequately due to which you cannot release heat efficiently from your body.
As a known fact that diet and exercise go hand in hand, She went a step ahead to certify herself as a REEBOK Aerobic instructor. Online diet consultation are provided for services like weight loss, weight gain, cholestrol management program, treat diabetes management (Diabetic diet), therapeutic diet, PCOD Diet, PCOS Diet and other disease management. They are going to add kilos to your waistline and turn your six-pack into a keg if you neglect a little thing called moderation. Not only that, aspartame is highly carconagenic with the potential to increase your appetite for sugary foods.
However, if you are a mixed or protein type, then you need to add protein to the snack in order to slow doen the uptake of sugar into the blood stream. As losing weight cannot happen in a day, in a similar fashion one cannot gain weight in a day or two. Full cream milk or milkshakes with fruits with little or no sugar is the best way to add calories.
These are not substitutes for calories but have to be mandatorily included along with calories.

If you feel that any of these are not sufficient try to alter your schedule to include what is missing. Add one extra chapatti or more rice than you normally consume, or you even start with fruits by eating an extra one every day. It is also essential to have at least 6-8 glasses of water to flush out toxins from the body.
This is where we go wrong because anything extremely low in temperature can constrict our blood vessels affecting the heat loss process from our body.
That is the reason why you need to drink enough water at regular intervals even if you are not thirsty, to cool your system.
You can also have raw mango in any form like adding it inbhel, salads or making a dish out of it. Register Now and start your Health & Weight Loss journey with Famous nutritionists Neha Chandna in Khar west, Mumbai. Think again – Low-fat usually means high-sugar and a one-way ticket to the land of diabetes. I know there are some with higher GI than others, but the famous “apple a day” is within the limit? Nut and dry fruits are the best ingredients which have good calories and these also serve best fillers between the meals. Our expert Neha Chandna, a well-known nutritionist gives a few pointers to keep in mind during summer. She has worked as a nutritionist for reputed gyms and fitness trainers and as a consultant with doctors and physiotherapists.
It might seem difficult in the beginning as you have to compel yourself to eat even though when you are not hungry. You just have to pick few and have them even when you are at your desk or busy doing some stuff.
Concentrate on lifting and other exercises in consultation with your trainer so that you can help your muscles grow. She deals with sportsmen, individuals who are obese or victims of lifestyle issues- to name a few- diabetes, thyroid, osteoporosis, PCOS etc. We have put few foods which should be included in your routine so that it will be helpful for you. Try to do work out same muscle group exercises alternate days so that your muscles will get time to grow during resting. Neha Chandna also writes articles for magazines and newspapers like New Woman, Beauty and salon, Hello Mumbai, the afternoon etc.

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