This last question -- and the fact that more and more studies are claiming certain supplements and chemicals can cause more harm than good to your body -- has been pushing people toward the use of gentler, more natural weight loss supplements.
For centuries, certain cultures -- especially those in China and Japan -- have been drinking tea for its health benefits. There are so many fat burning products available in the market that it becomes difficult to decide on what is the right product for you. The liquid gel content in the capsule helps in quick absorption of nutrients and is at least two times better than other dry capsules or tables. The Dual-Action Green Tea diet not only supplies the body with the required nutrients but it also helps in weight loss. The green tea extracts is particularly beneficial as it helps in speeding the fat burning process of the body called thermo genesis. Another important ingredient found in the product is Chromium Picolinate which facilitates the conversion of sugar into energy. Applied Nutrition Dual-Action Green Tea Diet Liquid Fat Burner Gel Capsules also contains Xenedrol which is a blend of 6 nutrients that is used to curb appetite and burn fat.

Advantra Z® is a patented product found in these capsules that is known to burn fat and curb the appetite of the person who uses these capsules.
When I checked the ingredients of the product, I was happy that most ingredients used to make the capsule had some health benefits.
We urge you to always seek the advice of your physician or medical professional with respect to your medical condition or questions.
But with so many diets, supplements and pills to choose from, it's easy to get overwhelmed by choices. Among tea choices, green tea has been especially noted for its positive antioxidant, anticarcinogenic and metabolic properties. Before we go into the review of the product let us understand what Applied Nutrition Dual-Action Green Tea Diet Liquid Fat Burner Gel Capsules does. This energy is used by the body to create lean muscles that help in burning fat even when you sleep.
The information is not intended nor suited to be a replacement or substitute for professional medical treatment or for professional medical advice relative to a specific medical question or condition.

Many of these benefits are due to its high amounts of polyphenols, especially a certain polyphenol called EGCG. There is no replacement for personal medical treatment and advice from your personal physician.
Because they contain potent antioxidant properties, polyphenols are thought to help the body's immune system, protecting cells against disease-causing free radicals [source: University of Maryland Medical Center].
Thanks to this composition of chemicals, green tea has been said to protect against everything from cancer to high cholesterol to heart disease. And some even claim that EGCG may boost the metabolism, suppress appetite and even burn fat.

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