FEATURED PRODUCT Body-Kit Manual The only book you need on training, diet, weight loss and more ?9.95 Is this the new Arnold Schwarzenegger? After just 4 months of training, Rory had his first amateur fight and has since gone onto have a further 6 fights coming out victorious in 5 of the bouts. Two of the wins came by KO in his professional career and in his amateur career two by TKO.
Rory has also had 4 professional bouts in K1 fighting where he has won 3 out of the 4 encounters picking up a K1 title on the way.

He has been using both products with amazing results which have helped him achieve his successes to date.
He uses LA Whey to ensure he gets the quality protein his body needs and Fat Stripper to keep him lean and within his weight category.

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