Fast forward with hCG Injections, I reached 117 lbs initially, added several pounds of muscle through crossfit, and now have been consistently between 124-127 lbs for close to 3 years, a comfortable size 4, 16-17% bodyfat – I now only have between 18-23 lbs of fat on my body at any given time. I would LOVE for you to watch the video above because it really SHOWS you what can be accomplished LONG TERM with this protocol if you have the right mindset. The first thing I want to say is that no one is forcing you to agree to anything, so please don’t feel pressured or threatened.
The beautiful thing about my maintaining weight loss story is I haven’t spent 1 day in the entire past two years doing any counting of calories whatsoever. If you are interested in trying this protocol after reading my results, you can check out your options at my special page for where to purchase hCG. I have learned through this process to think more in terms of fat and body fat percent, rather than weight on the scale, which I realize will be new for many of you.A  Now I spend my days going to Crossfit, lifting heavy weights and doing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)- I do this 3-4 hours a week and I LOVE it.A  I recently hit a PR (personal record) of 103 lbs for an overhead squat! Crossfit is still going well- in fact if you want to see my latest personal update showing some of my crossfit moves ?Y?‰ you can do that here.
I carefully crafted the workbook based on all that I know when it comes to what someone on the hCG protocol needs.

Well first of all I have the immense privilege of helping others on this protocol!A  I never thought when I started this diet back in 2011 that I would be spending my work hours each week creating content to help people get their life back and steer them through the difficulties of this admittedly challenging diet- I treasure it and truly enjoy helping you guys! Anant Ambani, son of Nita Ambani and Mukesh Ambani has reduced his body weight drastically. Ambanis have hired a trainer for their dear son from the US to help him shed and manage weight.
We always find Anant on TV or in headlines during IPL match every season as he accompanies his mother who has the franchise of Mumbai Indians.
For starters, you can check out my quite detailed and long discussion regarding 5 Common Myths About the hCG Diet – whether it makes sense to you, you are free to decide! I have been maintaining my approximate 50 lb weight loss from the hCG protocol, without doing the diet again, for gettin’ on 3 years, since November of 2012.
Yes, my eating has changed overall, more on that later, but it has come to fit seamlessly into my life in a way I don’t have to spend excessive time thinking about or being obsessed with.
I was 125.4 lbs on the scale this morning, and have not used hcg at all since my last round in November 2012.

When he visited Somnath temple last Saturday, everybody was surprised and shocked to see Anant’s transformed body! According to the reports, he is also often seen doing several marathon runs at their Reliance refinery located at Jamnagar. He has lost 108 kilos in only 18 months, by shedding 108kg of it; he has almost reduced more than half body weight. I have a full post explaining my unique journey here, but basically, I took LONG breaks (several months) between each 6 week round on the diet. I was technically a normal weight after only two 6 week rounds of hCG – so close to 50 lbs in just 12 weeks total.

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