With upto 80gms of sugar, hardly any protein and no fresh fruit, the 350 calorie-or-more, store-bought smoothies might be anything but healthy, using mostly concentrates and sweeteners, and that dollop of ice-cream that some are topped with really doesn’t help.
These will definitely give you short bursts of energy, since basically, they’re just enhanced candy bars. A much better option is to make your smoothies at home, with real fruit and low-fat yoghurt, cutting out sweetener altogether. They can be packed with upto 500 calories but still leave your hunger unsatisfied because of their small size, and you’ll be tempted to add on something to this mini-snack, with tragic┬áresults for your diet. The ones you order in restaurants or the bottled or canned variety are all invariably loaded with sugar.

The danger lies in the dressing, so go light on that, and try and resist too much of the Parmesan cheese too.
The antioxidants in it still don’t make it a health food if you consider the havoc the sugar will be playing with your diet plan.

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