Fasting in the month of Ramadan is mandatory upon every Muslim and Muslims all over the world make special preparations and follow proper guidelines for this Holy month. Muslims do not eat from dawn till dusk during the fast in Ramadan, which definitely is a great shift in the regular eating habits of Muslims and which makes the two meals (Suhoor and Aftar) and the time between them more than important in terms of food selection. The lines below give some general instructions pertaining to eating in Ramadan and give the kind of foods that one should eat during the meals for effective and greater weight loss. In addition to the fact that the foods one consumes during Ramadan has a direct effect on the fast a person keeps, the foods also directly affect the weight loss objective as well.
Bring Variety in Foods – The first thing that needs to be done in order to ensure that the fast is easy and that the weight loss keeps on taking place is bringing variety in the foods eaten during Ramadan. Carbohydrates – the duration of varies from region to region, however, it generally longs from eight hours to fourteen hours in different countries of the world, therefore, there is the need of eating sufficient that helps a person go through such long period without suffering from excessive hunger. Avoid Fats – Usually it’s the spicy foods that are rich in fats because of the way they are cooked.
Usually in the month of Ramadan Muslims rely on two major meals which are at the time of breaking fast called ‘Iftaar’ and the second at the time of closing fast called ‘Suhoor’. Iftar – At the time of Iftar, provided that you are having dinner afterwards, the foods that you need to eat must include two to three dates, a serving of juice of any fruit and a vegetable soup. Dinner – Those who prefer having separate dinner instead of eating a full fledged meal in Iftar should select from a variety of foods to make their dinner more assistive to weight loss and replenish energy reserves. Suhoor – This predawn meal is perhaps the most important one pertaining to fasting during the month of Ramadan.
Although the fasting along with a good diet plan are sufficient enough for weight loss in the month of Ramadan, however, if one wishes then he or she can also include a workout routine as well for greater weight loss.
In this post we shall share some useful tips with you about Ramadan diet plan for weight loss in Urdu and English. 6-Avoid all the snacks prepared with potatoes in ghee like french fries, samaosas and pakoras . 9-Avoid cola and soda drinks, drink fresh juice or lassi (traditional energetic yogurt drink) alternatively. 21-Daily visualize at least with 10 minutes with full confidence that you are losing your weight also give self suggestions to your subconscious mind that you are becoming smart day by day. 25-Vegetables are best alternative of vitamin supplement but don’t over cook them rather try to eat boiled vegetables. Detailed tips about Ramadan diet plan for weight loss have been given in Urdu below this post.
Ramadan is soon approaching and many of the weight watcher members of All About Diet worried about weight gain. Don’t you think if we plan iftar and suhoor mindfully we can stay healthy as well as can do more Ibadah what we are supposed to do?
Many of us wait for Ramadan so that we will get to eat non stop Fried stuff like pakodas, cutlets, kebabs, rolls, pizzas, etc.
The month of Ramadan is a great opportunity to focus on bringing back a balanced and healthy lifestyle in your life. In Ramadan your metabolism slows down as a result you burn less calories while performing bodily activities and therefore your caloric requirements also decrease.
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Never skip shehri as breakfast gives us energy for whole day and in Ramadan it becomes more important. Stay in touch with and its FB page for guidance about diet plan for different purposes. Ramadan diet plan tips to lose weight given here is Urdu will make your fasting healthy and beneficial.
A lot of people do not realize that they are taking more food than the usual routine because they do not even try to think so. At Iftar try not to eat the sugary foods as these foods cause people to desire to eat more and more of the same food. Avoid drinking or eating the things that only make you feel ore thirsty like the salty foods, coffee, teas and the sodas. In addition to the excessive praying and Quran recitation, one other factor that is a change compared to regular life routine is the diet plan. Eating of right foods at this time can help greatly pertaining to weight loss, as during the rest of the day the body is in a state of fast.
Following are the general eating habits that a person needs to observe during Ramadan to aid in weight loss. Dieting or eating a single food throughout the month is never the solution to excessive weight, rather to keep the weight loss healthy, there is the need of bringing diversity in the kind of foods a person eats. Carbohydrates being slow digesting foods are a good option in this regard, therefore, they must be made a part of Suhoor where a person can eat them in sufficient quantity and then enjoy a good fast.
Therefore, if you are on a weight loss program during Ramadan, then you need to strictly avoid the spicy foods throughout the month especially those that are cooked in oil of any kind. All these three foods help in replenishing all the energy loss that has occurred because of fasting. In this regard, you need to focus on foods containing proteins and minerals, as both these elements are necessary when it comes to losing weight without losing muscles. For this meal to assist in weight loss as well as ensure a less hungry fast, it is imperative that it comprises of foods high in complex carbohydrates. The workout session should be either after the Iftar or before the Suhoor meal to attain maximum weight loss benefits. If you want to loss weight quickly in 30 days of Ramadan 2015 then act upon these super tips given in Urdu and English. Dieting is not an alternative of fasting at all but never take fasting as dieting and prayer as exercise as weight loss is their side benefit. As many of us wait for Ramadan so that we will get to eat non stop Fried stuff like pakodas, cutlets, kebabs, rolls, pizzas, etc. And I believe Ramadan is the best time you can practice good eating habits as it’s been said that if you control yourself properly in month of Ramadan Its easier for you to control yourself throughout the year.
Moreover Ramadan this year is coming in summer so there is need to be extra careful with regards to drinking enough water from iftar to suhoor.
Your body requires instant calorie refill and dates are rich in simple sugars therefore provides instant energy to body.
In the last three years, she has worked as a nutritionist for gyms and various fitness trainers and is also a consultant for doctors and physiotherapists.
You may also seek free medical advice from our team of doctors about your individual diet plan. Ramadan is the time of the year when all the Muslims fast for a whole month during the daylight and then feast at the break of dawn and at dusk.

The large amount of the intake after a whole day of fasting can cause your digestive system to congest. During usual days there is light breakfast, light lunch and light dinner and then people go to sleep but in Ramadan people eat heavy breakfast to fast for the whole day and at evening there is also heavy Iftar and some people even continue eating for the rest of the night with friends and family.
These foods will stabilize the blood sugar level, prevent over eating and will kill the hunger and in this way you can stay within the amount of calories you need to lose weight. Therefore, right eating plan can be a major contributor to increasing the pace of weight loss in Ramadan. Therefore, instead of emphasizing on a single food or total deprivation of foods, one needs to keep things balanced and incorporate variety of foods in the two meals that a person has during the month of Ramadan. Moreover, carbs also ensure that the body burns fat during the fast instead of burning the muscles, therefore, they aid in weight loss by making it healthy.
Therefore, in order to ensure that you get through the fast without dehydration and a metabolic rate that causes more fat burn you need to drink as much water as possible at the time of Suhoor. The lines below give the recommended foods that a Muslim on weight loss should consume during these three meals. The juice provides vitamins and minerals, dates provide protein whereas the soup helps sooth the stress that has occurred because of food deprivation.
Moreover, both these types of foods also give boost to metabolism causing maximum calorie burn. You can lose the benefits of fasting on your health by heavy eating during aftar and Sehar, so avoid it.
If you skip suhoor it will make you hungrier throughout the day and you will most likely to over eat in iftar. Ramadan is the when one can face the serious dehydration because there is no water consumption during the peak sunny hours of the day.
To avoid this problem you should break you fast on the dates and water or you can take a simple soup. These diet plan tips to lose weight in Urdu will maintain and balance your weight in Ramadan. This way the body will be provided appropriate nutrition for the fast, in addition to aiding in weight loss.
All these three foods are also an excellent combo for people on weight loss providing them the nutrition that they require to keep the metabolic rate high. Therefore, by eating such foods you ensure that during the fast body has energy reserves available using, which it keeps on burning fats. Avoid eating high salty food or Chinese food  in suhoor as you will feel thirsty rest of the day. Hence, complex carb foods in addition to fruits are the foods that need to be included in Suhoor meal for a good fast and weight loss.
During fasting one cannot eat the regular meals they must try to make up for it in morning and in evening during the time of breaking their fast. In Ramadan it is very important that one gives his body the proper nutrition that the body needs when they eat, if not so then fasting can lead to the serious health problems as it has to continue for the whole month. Keeping in mind all these situations we are providing some Ramadan diet plan tips that will help you to lose weight this Ramadan month.

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