Tips: If you do prefer coconut based products with your smoothies or breakfast cereal, make sure you are getting your protein from somewhere! April 25, 2014 By Gemma Sampson RD APD 41 Comments Always keeping my eye out for fad diets and supplements trying to to steal your well-earned cash, I’ve seen the Clean 9 detox cleanse diet come up a lot in social media recently.
Aloe Vera: The aloe vera gel is claimed to contain over 200 compounds, yet at the same time is also meant to be the closest thing to drinking straight from an aloe leaf… That doesn’t sound natural to me! Garcinia Cambogia: I’ve written about garcinia cambogia supplements for weight loss in a previous post. Bee pollen: It’s actually a bit of a deceptive name really because bee’s don’t make pollen – plants do!
Like with most weight loss supplements with big claims, the evidence just isn’t there to back it up.
Thanks for this, interesting read especially as the reason I became aware of clean 9 is that my nutritionist has set me an invite to a meeting to sell it to me.
Why state you can’t find out the name of the doctor that approves the programme, yet you have links to Helens blog on aloe that states Dr. Interesting that you claim to have done research into this, yet you haven’t even got the name of the company who makes it right!!! Thanks for the overview Gemma – I think you did a great job covering the salient points about this product. I am always interested in other peoples opinions and overviews of products out there hence I ended up on your site. Personally I prefer to review something when I have actually done it and seen results for myself.
Regarding the bee pollen in the Clean 9, I have taken it for many years and it is from flowers that grow in the high sonoran desert, well away from pollution (unlike some european bee pollen). I have always been sceptical regarding these fad diets etc, but this one came recommended to me by my boss at work who had completed it around this time last year.
With regards to the nutritional content of the various supplements and their effectiveness, I am not sure – I am no dietician or nutritionist. You are only supposed to drink water with this diet (no other liquids apart from the shake) and exercise moderately for half an hour in the mornings.
I think that part of this is a placebo effect (or a majority), forcing you to give up coffee, tea, sugars, drink lots of water and eat healthy with reduced calorie intake should induce weight loss anyway I would have thought.
Either way, it has helped me to get into some good eating habits which I will stick to beyond day 9. On another note, I am amazed at how awake I feel and how good my skin is (I suffer from eczema) while being on the diet.
Glad to hear that the challenge has helped kick start some habits – hope you can keep going with them! To be fair, it may work and lose a significant amount of weight, as Aloe Vera has been shown to cause diarrhoea in some people. I am the most cynical person in the world and never tried a fad diet before and have read all the comments etc here and elsewhere so as an experiment to mankind I will start and keep you posted as to how I get on. At the end first of the first attempt, I could not wait to bin it and never ever wanted to hear or see aloe vera again- the whole thing was evil and it tasted disgusting. I do not promote it or endorse it but if you do want to lose 6-7 lbs in 9 days- well, it works for me anyway.

So all in all- I would actually recommend it but purely as a kick start to a better food and exercise regime. I got suckered into buying this from a friend who sells it (it’s a bit like Avon and is a pyramid scheme with multiple layers).
I lost about 3lbs in the first 2 days, but that’s probably from malnutrition rather than anything else. To stay away from bad snacks especially before bedtime, I have come across to wonderful suggestions tat actually works and will keep you away from snacking!
Ok, it is processed, BUT still one serving of the snack contains filling protein and fat, so you will instantly feel satisfied and all for 80 kcal. Actually as living in Italy I would substitute this with a Parmesan cheese piece (Parmigiano Reggiano).
My all time favorite is Fage 0% that gives you satisfaction of the dairy products as well as protein and contains 100-150kcal.
A pudding goes down easy, not fat and not remaining in your stomach heavy all night.One serving is around 90kcal. As I am personally not big fan of pudding I would substitute this with a Coconut and Greek Yogurt snack – whieties. With claims that you can lose up to 12lb over 9 days by taking aloe, bee pollen and garcinia supplements, I thought it was worth checking out. They claim that staying committed to this diet will show you how to live free from yoyo dieting and lose fat permanently. Helen West a registered dietitian currently in Bali has written a great post on the (lack of) evidence on aloe vera supplements and weight loss that I thoroughly recommend you read.
To cut a long-story short, any research in humans has been conducted using supplements containing multiple ‘weight loss inducing‘ ingredients combined with energy restricted diets and specific exercise programs over a short period of time with limited results. Essentially bee pollen is flower pollen collected off the legs of bees as they return to the hive – mixed with a bit of bee saliva and who know’s what else has happened to stick to them. Sadly there isn’t a miracle overnight solution for weight loss so I say skip the diet pills & shakes, save your money and focus instead on changing your lifestyle, eating habits and physical activity instead. I was looking for references from clean 9 about which doctor recommends but it was far from clear when I wrote the post.
It’s nutritionally rich and boosts energy which I guess is why it is included in the Clean 9 cleanse which is mainly about helping you clean your system up and start the fat loss process as far as I know. He said he was doing it again this year to remove the Xmas excess and asked if I wanted to do it as well. Whether the contents of the program are a help or a hindrance, I am not too bothered as I am very happy with the way I look and feel. Go through it with a registered dietitian though, as a lot of whats on the internet isn’t up to date or reliable. I have lapsed back into bad eating habits over the past few weeks and need to lose weight to feel and look better for Christmas.
The most dramatic weight loss is in the first 1-3 days- I lost 3.7kg- quelle surprise as you do not eat!!
I stuck to it religiously but I could not squeeze in the 30 min exercise everyday due to parenting and work. Never deviated once- I even sat in a cafe and watched my wife tuck into a full English breakfast which she shared with my son.

Plan your meals and buy all the ingredients in advance- I was almost delirious roaming the supermarkets while on the diet. The shakes leaves a not so nice fishy aftertaste the chocolate is nicer than the vanilla- I mixed it with almond milk. You only get 2 litres in the kit, not 3 and for the first 2 days, you have 120ml 3 times a day.
It gave me awful diahorrea and make me feel really cold too (even in this Indian summer we’re experiencing).
So excited looking for that because it is finally sunny and that means that this weekend will hopefully open the tanning season- woot, woot! Plus yogurt can help you to calm the stomach, so you will be less likely to wake up with heartburn or indigestion but instead will have a good night rest.
The protein in peanut or almond butter also fills you up without feeling you heavy in your stomach. There is no way to know what kinds of pollen is used in these supplements, or about any sort of contamination.
Will admit I was not very impressed with my two visits so far, hence looking for some other viewpoints on the internet. In fact, I would nearly go so far as to say I am enjoying it which has me worried that I may not lose the same amount of weight. I found myself for the first time buying a cooking sweet potato, almond milk, quinoa, and making salad as opposed to chucking a few greens on the side. Remember you do not eat for 2 days, cut out carbs completely and restrict your diet to 600-800cals per day. As day 1 & 2 are the hardest getting through work was horrendous and I cluttered up my office trying to figure out the potions and mixtures. I have had a migraine for 3 days not had a bowel opening for 3 days due to them giving you a 5mg fibre supplement which is underneath the amount.
If u doubt me pls go on strictly fruit and vegetables for 9 days, drink plenty of water and see if u wont lose at least 5kg. The first stage, the ‘cleanse’ stage is a 9 day diet that claims you can safely lose up to 5kg (12lb) of weight in just over a week – without feeling hungry. There have been reported cases of anaphylactic reactions as a result of consuming bee pollen supplements and anyone with pollen or bee allergies should definitely stay well away.
I am probably 13 lbs above my desired weight- combo of life really- young children and heavy work schedule. Self discipline is free but these diet detox companies are selling it to you by making u eat just their diet. Apparently it is ‘doctor approved’ – I just wasn’t able to find out which doctor this is and what their qualifications actually were!
I’ve covered the research on bee pollen supplements in this post, but in a nutshell, the research and evidence just isn’t there for bee pollen or any of these supplements when it comes to weight loss.

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