Shakira, otherwise known as Isabel Mebarak Ripoll was born on February 2, 1977 and she is a Colombian singer, record producer, musician, dancer, and a songwriter. It’s been a long time since the Colombian music sensation Shakira has released a song, but finally, after years of waiting, her latest video has come out and she looks awesome.
Actually, her weight loss diet plan is simple, she just keep the unhealthy fats and carbs to a minimum. Hip-shaking Shakira does have one weakness, one that she just can’t give up from her weight loss diet plan: chocolate. And after trying several weight loss diet plan alterations Shakira realized that absurd weight loss diet plan restrictions would not be maintained long-term. To get that gorgeous midsection, Shakira has been doing her fitness training exercise program with celebrity fitness trainer Tracy Anderson.

In addition, as we know, Shakira includes a lot of belly dancing in her dance fitness exercise program routine, which obviously helps her maintain those beautiful abs. Many people underestimate the dancing as a sport and as an effective fitness exercise program but the truth is if you spend a lot of time dancing, it definitely will help you to burn a lot of calories so you can lose weight and achieve that weight loss goal you’ve set for yourself. As a woman of Colombian and Lebanese descent, Shakira was blessed not only with an exotic beauty and enchanting voice, she was also blessed with the sense to recognize the importance of being a healthy, full-figured woman. In the video titled She Wolf, Shakira is locked up in a cage and wears different show-all leotards and body suits.
But for one day a week, she can have a cheat day from her weight loss diet plan, all these foods are allowed and she can enjoy all these unhealthy foods.
She refers to herself as a chocolate addict and since she won’t quit the chocolate, nor the sugar she has to do her fitness training exercise program twice as hard.

Also, her weight loss diet plan is focused on lean protein sources such as fresh fruits and vegetables.
Magazine she had to really work hard on her fitness training exercise program to prepare for the video.

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