Based on research by the National Institutes of Health, and endorsed by top-tier medical institutions like the Mayo Clinic and the American Heart Association, the DASH diet is a scientifically proven method to lose weight and become healthier. With the DASH diet's straightforward approach to reduce sodium and improve overall cardiovascular health, participants have experienced benefits that include lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol levels and a reduced risk of diabetes.In The DASH Diet Health Plan, bestselling health and nutrition author John Chatham compiles the findings of the medical and scientific community into a comprehensive book that makes it easy to put the DASH diet into action.

Enjoy the following benefits in this comprehensive guide:* 99 DASH-approved Recipes, ranging from hearty lunches to savory desserts, and all the snacks in between* 147 Dash-approved Foods, ranging from meats and seafood to sweets * The DASH Diet Guide includes tips for navigating your way through the grocery store and helps you start eating a healthy diet* 28-day DASH to Fitness workout plan provides step-by-step exercise routines to accelerate your weight loss and jumpstart your health regimen* 14-day Menu Planner to help you get started Lose weight, improve health and reduce your risk of heart disease with John Chatham's The DASH Diet Health Plan.

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