But you would still have that one burning question: IF DIET COKE HELPS YOU LOSE WEIGHT, THEN WHY IS EVERYBODY THAT DRINKS IT HAVE A WEIGHT PROBLEM??!!! It fools the taste buds, primes them for sweet tastes, because it tells your body that a sugar rush is coming. If you do that -- eat a whole day's worth of food in an evening -- even two times each week, you can gain 10 pounds in a couple of months!
But usually it's the overweight people that drink all the artificial sweeteners, and it's a trap.
If you can't stay on it forever and be fit and healthy and strong -- then it's an extreme diet. If trends in consumption continue, the nation will, in effect, have embarked on a massive, uncontrolled, and inadvertent public health experiment.
It’s not beneficial, but you can leave a tooth in soda for a month and all it will do is turn brown. I got addicted to Diet Coke when I was in college and I finally gave it up about 6 years ago. Yes, artificial sweeteners are a problem, but it is hypocritical when a medical association publication opposes putting artificial substances into our bodies. But if everybody did that, then the medical journals wouldn’t make those huge profits from drug advertising and reprints of pro-drug articles. As a registered dietitian and consultant to the food and beverage industry, I am often asked by my clients about the safety of artificially sweetened drinks. Did you get that information from pretty colorful flyers given to your office by the food industry? You have to wonder what the fallout will be when it is revealed that the FDA refused to approved NutraSweet over and over again, and then viola, suddenly its all ok? Jim Purdy :Yes, artificial sweeteners are a problem, but it is hypocritical when a medical association publication opposes putting artificial substances into our bodies.
But if everybody did that, then the medical journals wouldn’t make those huge profits from drug advertising and reprints of pro-drug articles. I am a professional dietitian and grains being unhealthy could not be further from the truth.
Besides, the effects of high fructose corn syrup (which non diet sodas use), is much worse for you than the artificial sweeteners that diet soda uses. On Point 1, I’d like to ask what else the rodents were being fed as part of the mechanism. On Point 2, it is not my experience that artificial sweeteners were retarding my sense of taste. On Point 3, considering sweeteners such as sucralose provide the same amount of sweetness as sugar with a fraction of the mass, are we taking in enough of a concentration of these chemicals to affect our health as much as going for a walk through rush hour traffic? Fortunately, those big pharma companies are also manufacturing drugs that are keeping us alive to unprecedented ages. Anyway, artificial sweeteners are not exactly akin to prescription drugs, as they differ in form, purpose, and public perception.
Just think a little bit before making up conspiracy theories about artificial sweeteners and the FDA. The truth is that most artificial sweeteners have been used for *decades* with no demonstrable harmful effects. Ironically, aspartame (the bane of many a crackpot web site) is probably the *safest* of all artificial sweeteners, for the breakdown products are a pair of amino acids which occur naturally (and copiously) in nearly all foods. This might sound silly, but here it is: spill a little diet soda on a surface and see if any flies will touch it.
I checked with my neurologist and he said the amount of aspartame and other stuff that you get in, say, one can of Diet Coke (which is basically the amount I drink a day) is far too small to affect my epilepsy.

The only reason I don’t consume artificial sweeteners at all (seriously, none, ever, not even gum) is because both my mother and I have a negative reaction to it- migraine, joint pain, etc.
On the other hand, I know a family who eats only processed foods, lots of fast food (supersize them…), and gallons of diet soda. Too late for me, I’ve been gorging on 3 different kinds of artificial sweetener for two decades. I thought this article might be about the unknown threat from artificial sweeteners vis-a-vis cancers, etc.
Sure diet drinks aren’t good for you, but most things like this (pleasurable), are addicting anyways. Also, why is it that every one of these evil foods or evil ingredients all cause obesity, diabetes, migraines, etc?
I am not disagreeing with your statement, but if you make it you should provide some examples to give us a clue as to why you said it. As to grains, they have gluten, which most people have far more negative reactions to than artificial sweeteners. Also, aspartame is very harmful for diabetics, as in most cases, it worsens, not improves blood sugar control. You might have a skinny friend that drinks diet drinks and artificial sweeteners and all of that. After a while, you didn’t even notice the slightly different taste compared to sugar sweetened beverages. Our body gets confused by artificial sweeteners – the dissociation between sweet taste and calorie intake may put the regulatory system that controls hunger and body weight out of sync, thus sabotaging weight loss plans.
Long term effects unclear – while there have been many studies on artificial sweeteners and disease such cancer, very few focused on long term weight gain. Although many synthetic chemicals have been added to the food supply in recent years, artificial sweeteners in beverages stand out in their ability to interact with evolutionarily ancient sensorineural pathways at remarkably high affinity. I’ve quit taking all of the dozen or so BigPharna medications that my doctors want me to swallow daily. I’ve quit taking all of the dozen or so BigPharna medications that my doctors want me to swallow daily. Since Diabetes is such a serious problem, Diet Soda is a perfect substitute for normal soda for a Diabetic.
Also, what artificial sweeteners were those studies talking about because, again, I never noticed any cravings or ill health effects consuming diet soda, but early in my diet I did try meal replacement bars loaded with sugar alcohols, a sugar substitute thats really picking up in popularity, and did I ever have the worst stomach cramps after eating those things. Can’t it be as simple as some people enjoy them, some don’t, while others simply cannot consume them for health reasons?
The main part that bothers me is that they say it like they put the same amount of sugar as they do their artificial counterparts. All gained weight, but after a bit many leveled off and maintained, even on the higher caloric intake, while others kept gaining weight. My dad LOVES the stuff, and has lost a significant amount of weight due to switching his sodas with diet sodas, and has never had a bad reaction. Sugar is the only sweetener that hurts my teeth & I was advized to stop putting sugar on anything back when I had braces.
I feel that some tasted amd worked better then the rest but as i’m writing this I will say that all diet soda can kiss my ass. I myslef have a iron will aginst addiction, and this is something everyone should practice.
Most of the research trying to paint diet drinks in a bad light rely on correlation or the isolation of elements, without bothering to check causation or the whole drink.
Paper is generally not considered toxic when ingested, but paper plants emit lots of really nasty pollutants, including dioxin.

A study on rodents showed that those fed saccharin actually gained weight compared to rodents fed sucrose. By getting ourselves used to so much sweet, normal sweet flavors, of fruit for example, become bland and so do other healthful foods such as grains and vegetables, thus reducing our willingness to consume them and ultimately the quality of our diet.
A seven year study, (San Antonio Heart Study), showed a relationship between diet drink consumption and obesity, but the causation is not clear.
If money is your motivator – think about the $500 a year a family of four can save by just switching to tap water.
I wrote an open letter to climate activist Bill McKibben when he mentioned drinking Diet Coke in an essay. They help reduce cholesterol, the risk of heart disease, colon cancer, and possibly other cancers.
Artificial sweeteners are criticized not because they’re artificial, but because of the effect on the body.
As a type 1 Diabetic, I find it insulting that someone would criticize diet soda this much. Because after I stopped eating burgers and fries 5 times a week, without sacrificing diet (caffeine free) soda, fresh foods did start to taste better. The same amount of fibre can be found in fruits and veggies which you are correct in stating the average american doesn’t consume eneugh of. It also helps block insulin, stimulating the burning of fat and boosting metabolism which helps control your weight. Aspartame is a cumulative toxin (the Aspartame plant in Augusta GA is one of the most pollution-emitting plants in the US). I have blood tests every day and comprehensive lab work every two months that confirm this. Plus, diet soda doesn’t contain saccharin anyway, so how can such a conclusion be drawn? If we listened to the AMA we would all be popping pills and running to the doctor every 3 months for blood work to make sure those pills aren’t killing us. Besides, I think as long as I drink water too, why should it harm us, of course the Dentist will get your dollar if you don’t brush your teeth!!
To produce glucose, your liver taps in to fat stores, breaking the fat down first into triglycerides. Complex carbohydrates (starch) are no different than simple carbohydrates (sugar) and it takes barely a few extra calories for the body to break them down.
For people that get cravings and it makes them eat more, then thats because they don’t have self-control nor self-discipline and is why they are fat in the first place.
This way you don’t get the least bit addicted, no extra calories, and best of all , you get to drink a soda. Likewise, the nutrients from whole grains can easily be found in other green plants, so why would anyone still need to eat bread?
Breads and pastas that do not contain whole grains and whole wheat are nutritionally lacking and should be avoided.
I would never suggest that one not eat the other healthy items you mentioned (asparagus, strawberries, and apples), but they should not be compared, nutritionally, to whole grains as they are very different and that’s why there is the suggestion of variety.

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