Source: By Anjana Motihar Chandra for Health Xchange, with expert input from the LIFE Centre, Singapore General Hospital (SGH), a member of the SingHealth group. Dr Shanker Pasupathy, Senior Consultant and Director of the LIFE Centre at Singapore General Hospital (SGH), a member of the SingHealth group, answers these and other food- and mealtime-related questions, debunking popular weight loss nutrition myths and presenting the facts. Fact: Diet sodas have fewer calories, but they can’t help you lose weight if you are otherwise overeating on high calorie foods, and not burning the excess calories through exercise. Fact: It is safe to take a stroll after a meal but brisk walking or any intense activity or workout will divert the blood flow from the stomach to other parts of the body, affecting the digestive process.
Fact: Having snacks in between meals may help you avoid the urge to overeat or binge later.
Child Safety and Injury PreventionThis is your chance to get answers to your questions on how to better childproof your home! In fact, on the contrary, long-term studies show that increased intake of diet sodas is correlated with higher obesity rates. Consuming more calories than you burn will cause weight gain, and the reason late-night snacking can be a problem is that many people snack on high-calorie foods at this time. The LIFE Centre at Singapore General Hospital (SGH) has a multidisciplinary team of experts who can provide you with guidance on weight management, exercise and diet.

There is also some evidence that having artificial sweeteners can promote a preference for sweet-tasting foods.
However, eating just before you go to bed can cause indigestion, heartburn and other gastrointestinal problems.
A hot shower will also divert the blood supply from the stomach to the skin, but the effect is not significant and will not impact digestion.
In fact, some dietitians recommend that you have five small meals a day, instead of eating all your calories in three big meals.
This is because the BMR (basal metabolic rate) increases after eating and sleeping right after a meal will decrease it, interfering with digestion. Snacking provides an opportunity to eat healthy foods that you would normally not eat at mealtimes, such as fruits, low-fat yoghurt and nuts.
Health & Nutrition August 24, 2014 No Comments Bethany Lyn I am often asked this question when people are trying to lose weight: can I drink diet soda? While there are some people who are able to switch from regular soda to diet soda and lose weight, there are other people who actually gain weight when they make the switch to diet soda.You might be wondering, how can this possibly happen when you’re not drinking any calories? As you can see, it is very clear that neither provide any sort of real nutritional value and have stuff you just shouldn’t be putting into your bodies.The diet soda is calorie free, so it must be the better of the two options when it comes to cutting calories and weight loss, right?

Just look at that longer line of chemical ingredients.From the above ingredient list example, you also see that diet coke uses aspartame to sweeten the beverage instead of sugar.
Researchers believe the artificial sweeteners in diet soda actually confuses the body into believing it is consuming sugar.Another theory is that the artificial sweeteners in diet soda lead to cravings for more sweet foods. So even though you cut some calories by drinking diet soda, cravings for sugary and processed foods increase, which results in consuming even more calories in the long run.People Can Switch to Diet Soda and Lose WeightI would never suggest switching from regular soda to diet soda to help you lose weight. There are just so many other better ways to lose weight like cutting out soda altogether and opting to make your water taste better naturally with such ingredients as cucumber or lemon. Learn other great ways to enhance your water.But, why is that some can switch to diet soda and lose weight? The bad news is research has shown drinking diet soda increases your risk of many diseases, especially type II diabetes. This 14-year European study showed women who consumed mostly diet soft drinks had over a 100% increased risk of developing type II diabetes.

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