Body building requires the right kind of nutrition and calories along with proper training to build and sustain the right kind of muscle mass.
Balanced diet for body building should include the essential nutrients, enough energy providing calories and proper hydration through intake of fluids.
It depends upon factors like age, sex and level of activity to ascertain the amount of calories a body builder will require.
5 Balanced Diet Tips for Body Building  A body builder has almost similar nutrition requirements as that of an athlete.
Balanced diet has great role to play in body building as you have to take enough nutrition to build muscle but not give way to fat accumulation. Protein intake should be sufficient to assist in building muscles but shouldn’t exceed much above the required limit or else it may cause negative health impacts. Soy, fish, eggs, dairy products with low fat content, lean meat, legumes and beans are excellent sources of protein. If you take proper balanced diet and do the right kind and amount of training then you will hardly require dietary supplements. Balancing your nutrient ratios is the second aspect you should consider when structuring a muscle building diet plan.
When you’re trying to build up your muscles, the foods you eat will have a huge influence on your overall success levels. Balanced diet is essentially a part of healthy lifestyle which is obviously important for body builders. You must understand that the balanced diet for a non-bodybuilder and a body builder will vary significantly as body building requires more calorie intake.

A nutrition expert can guide you to build your personalized balanced diet chart for body building.
Carbohydrates should occupy 45 to 65 percent of your diet, protein intake should be 10 to 15 percent and fat must be lesser than 30 percent. Take enough fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains as these will supply enough carbohydrates essential to build muscle mass.
However, you should take care to take only healthy protein and avoid intake of unhealthy protein in the form of deep fried items, bacon and excessive cream. Body builders should take this into account as they stand the risk of suffering from dehydration in order to maintain proper shape through water loss.
Along with water fluids like health drinks and fruit juices can serve as to provide hydration as well as energy.
Human growth hormones, steroids, DHEA and so on are best avoided and if consumed must be taken with expert advice.
Figuring out your daily calorie requirement is the only way you can make a step in the right direction. Eating the wrong types of food will reduce your energy levels during your muscle building workouts and inhibit your muscle growth while eating the right types of food will fire up your energy levels and maximize your muscle growth. He has a keen interest in health and fitness and has been writing about that very topic on this website since 2007. The muscles store carbohydrates in the form of glycogen which is necessary to keep the muscles strong and in good shape. The two main things you should consider is the daily calorie intake your body needs and the nutrient ratios.

Shakes and supplements should be avoided as some of them are made using processed ingredients which cause more harm than good. This infographic discusses exactly what you need to be eating to build up your muscles and outlines The Key Components Of A Muscle Building Diet. He stays fit and healthy by going to the gym at least four times a week and eating fresh, natural foods most of the time. These two main factors should also be considered for structuring an effective diet plan for muscle building. When you use the ratios given, meet the required daily calorie intake and avoid intake of junk and processed foods, you will be able to come up with an effective muscle building diet plan. Additionally, you can use online calorie calculators that take into account other important factors like height, age, level of activity and others. Reduce the amount of junk and increase your whole foods intake to effectively make up your calorie count. Such calculators are more accurate, but you can start by using the simple method mentioned to have a rough estimate.

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