When it comes to weight loss, whatever the motivation, whether it be a holiday, office party, New Year’s resolution etc. When aiming to lose 6 pounds in 3 weeks, it’s important to break this down and target 2 pounds per week. The reasons behind this are simple – if the weight loss is greater than 2 pounds per week, you will be losing more muscle than fat.
As I mentioned earlier, consuming less than you use is the key, to lose 2 pounds per week you will need to consume 1000 kcal less than you require every day! When looking at exercise it’s important to take on a programme which suits you, combining aerobic exercise and strength training will help increase calories used per day and also help tone your muscles. Try and get a quality portion of protein, such as grilled chicken or turkey which is low in fat. Snacks are a great way to keep those cravings at bay and to prevent you from getting over hungry and therefore stop over eating at meal times. The example diets below are broken down into Men and Women and in addition assume 500 kcal burned through exercise each day. All average calorie intakes are calculated using the ONS 2011 census data for average age and weight for men and women. Sport and exercise nutritionist Andrew Shepherd studied Sports and Exercise Science (BSc) and M.Dip Sport and Exercise Science specialising in Nutrition and Physiology at Sheffield Hallam University. After his retirement, he turned his passion to help athletes make the right choices so they can deliver their optimum performance and reach their goals.
I would always recommend a slower weight loss per week than this, however, with for example athletes who need to make weight e.g. Essentially the principle is to create a negative energy balance – use more than you consume.
Based on your body weight with no exercise during the day you require approximately 2200 calories (this may vary slightly depending on multiple factors so if just a guide number).
When I speak about volume I am talking about the total number of sets and reps you are going to perform in any given workout. Take drug free bodybuilders for example.  They work their tails off for years doing everything geared towards building muscle from a diet, training and supplement standpoint just to add a few inches of circumference to their muscles so what makes the average person think they are going to start working out and become the Incredible Hulk over night?  It just isn’t going to happen so stop listening to all that nonsense and start grabbing heavier weights. If you take nothing else away from reading my blog entries, hopefully you will at least have an understanding of why a smart muscle building component to your workout plan is absolutely critical if you really want to transform your body and why Max-OT style training is the most effective way to make sure that component is met.
Max-OT should be the constant in your workout program whether your goal is to be a champion bodybuilder and gain maximum muscle or your goal is to tone up and shed fat. That said, do you see any value in adding static contractions and slow negatives to each rep?

With that said, what if you discovered research that suggested ways to produce the same benefits if not greater using a different system than that which you follow and perhaps in even less time. Hi Jeff, I would like to know how much lean mass have you gain since 1998, when you started using Max-OT principles, until 2003, when you won your pro card.
Jeff, why do you choose to do 6-8 reps for calves, when traditionally its though higher reps work the calves effectively? Calves are a muscle like any other and overloading them is the best way to encourage growth. I know you say no excuses for not exercising, but I commute 4 hours per day for work and really cannot put in the hours to train 5 times per week.
I think regardless of body type Max-OT style training is the most effective for maximum muscle gains. I want to know what to do if I can only work out 4 days per week and for how many weeks I should b doing that exercise ? After a few weeks (6-8) of following a set caloric level you can start the skimming process.
I believe to maximize the muscle building process it is most effective to overload the muscles with heavy basic lifts and the Max-OT principles 1 time per week only. Try to select exercises that cause little to no pain to the area, even if those exercises depart from the most recommended Max-OT exercises.
The resistance training and creating tone is important, using your muscle will stimulate protein to repair their fibres, this will help reduce the amount of muscle lost during the weight lose period. Alternatively go with a portion of fish like salmon or mackerel, offering quality protein along with those vital healthy fats and Omega’s.
Try and go for homemade or “wholegrain, whole-wheat, or wholefoods” at this point to manage the calories.
Whilst studying, Andrew was a full time athlete training and competing with the City of Sheffield Swim Squad at a national and international level.
Andy holds a BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science as well as a M.Dip in Sports and Exercise Science, Sports Nutrition and Physiology.
To create a weight loss of 2 pounds per week I would recommend doing exercise to boost your energy expenditure and make it easier to create a negative energy balance. It’s estimated that LeBron James successfully lost about 10 to 12 pounds in 6 weeks thanks to low-carb diet. According to  Brian Windhorst, the most possible reason is LeBron James followed a low-carb diet following Ray Allen’s weight loss method. Most “typical” workouts prescribe way too many sets and reps, particularly those workouts that are supposed to be designed specifically for “toning”.

And while i also understand that you will not veer from this training modality and why should you. Just started getting back to training, so would you recommend for weight loss and muscle gain I follow this principle or should I do more cario??? I’ve optimized the rep range to more isolation type excersizes being 8-10 and compounds 4-6 reps. I have been using Stronglifts 5X5 which if you haven’t heard of it is basically ful body 5X5 3 times a week, with an easy day once a week.
This is a big challenge, and combining healthy eating and an increase in exercise will make this balance easier. In addition to these qualifications Andrew is also a High Performance Registrant with the SENr.
From the photo it’s evident that LeBron James drops a lot of weight in his face, shoulders and core. The reason is Ray Allen went to the training camp last year and as a better shaped Heat guy, Ray Allen’s secret is on Paleo diet.
It seems that once you have decided that something works, you do not veer from it in the slightest.
Funny thing was that i have been doing almost the same routine on my muscle building days without knowing it was called max ot. Can you tell me more about the differences there might be between this and the Max-OT routine please?
Make your salad colourful using various leaves, peppers, radish, and don’t be afraid to add a bit of raw vegetable like carrot or some fruit like some thin slices of orange. He works with a number of clubs and organisations across the country providing nutritional advice and support to Junior, World, Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games athletes. For a 2 day split I am thinking of going for an upper-lower split, and a 3 day push-pull-legs.
But Im just curious on how you would modify this routine for someone who focus on powerlifting where you always want to cut reps and increase weight.
So one one hand I would like to gain 15 to 20 pounds, but on the other I probably need to lose 10 to 15 pounds to get the fat off my waist.
I often have a hard time gaining weight and try to drink a lot of milk, do you think the max OT program would help me gain alot of muscle considering my body responds most to heavy weight low reps?

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