We need styles that are quick and easy to maintain without having to wake up at the break of dawn every morning to get it right. Chitosan Evalar is made on the basis of chitosan, that is an aminopolysaccharide obtained from shells of crustaceans and providing natural source of dietary fibers. Chitosan is known as unique substance binding and extracting fats getting into body with food as well as one-of-a-kind natural product lowering cholesterol blood level.
The reason is that caffeine contains properties that impact everything from mood and individual motivational capacities, to stimulating muscles and improving the workout experience.
In fact, all manufacturers of sport supplement products incorporate a maximum allowable dosage of caffeine into their pre-workout stacks, usually not exceeding 300 mg per serving. But did you know that not everyone has the same caffeine metabolism?Genes make all the difference. According to recent studies involving elite professional soccer players published in April 2014 (Genomics DNA Profiling in elite professional soccer players: a pilot study), a group of researchers based at the University of Salerno (Italy) revealed that there exists a set of genes that handle caffeine metabolism.
Three test subjects had an overall genetic profile associated with fast caffeine metabolism.
These fascinating findings shed new light on our assumptions around caffeine consumption.Which genes regulate caffeine metabolism?
However, as a golden rule, before using any caffeine-enriched product we advise you to consult your physician and perform a genetic test to confirm your caffeine metabolism status.Important! Did you know that if you have a slow caffeine metabolism rate and your daily caffeine consumption exceeds 200 – 300 mg per day, you are susceptible to serious health risks in general and heart problems in particular? For example, an elite athlete whose genotype is associated with fast caffeine metabolism consumes 200-300 mg of caffeine daily, while another athlete whose genotype is associated with slow caffeine metabolism consumes the same dosage of caffeine.
This explains why some dietary supplement products have supplementary effect on our bodies while others don’t. Most people think of their daily multivitamin when they hear the term “Dietary Supplements”.
May 26, 2014Is exercise to blame for your hair loss?Is exercise to blame for your hair loss? The head of our research and product development team who runs a chain of hair loss clinics made a recent discovery we’d like to share.
Over the past few years, he’s noticed that many of his female patients who lead active lives, i.e.
April 5, 2014Soldiers, Athletes, and Winning the War on PTSDWhen You’re Living the Stuff that Movies are Made Of In this Article: Staying Healthy in the 3-Stages of Deployment Great Soldiers are Great Athletes What’s on the Inside? I know…you don’t think there is any real harm to enhancing your manliness with a little testosterone boost. In this series, you’ll get a glimpse of what it takes to go from recreational athlete to elite athlete. Diet and Nutrition In this series, you’ll get a glimpse of what it takes to go from recreational athlete to elite athlete.
January 28, 2014Muscle Gain without the Pain: Combat DOMSUnderstanding Muscle Pain and Building In this Article: What is Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)?
January 14, 2014What do Olympic Athletes Eat?How Olympians Fuel Their Bodies In this Article: Hydration Macro-Nutrients Calories What the Heck do super-human Olympic Athletes eat?
In some ways, the nutrition requirements for an Olympic athlete are very similar to those of mere mortals. January 12, 2014Nuts about Nutrition: Benefits of Walnuts In this Article: Walnuts Get a Bad Wrap! Reduce Risk of Heart Disease Stimulate Cognitive Abilities Balance Metabolic Functions and Weight    Walnuts Get a Bad Wrap!
January 10, 2014Alopecia in Men: The Latest Scientific BreakthroughMale Pattern Baldness – What you need to know now The word sounds a bit mysterious, but alopecia simply means hair loss. The most common type is androgenic alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness, although it affects women too. Vegetarian Sweet Stuff Bonus Recipe: Lasagna Vegetarian Style [Video Tutorial] What’s for Dinner?
Even for meat eaters this is a challenge that is faced in households around the world every night. January 5, 2014Should I Use Plyometrics and Vertical Jumps in my Military Workout?In this Article: First: The Warning for Plyometric Exercise Why Should you Do Plyometric Training?

Avoiding Back Pain when Working OutIn this Article: They key to the best workout plan is balance. Avoiding back pain when you workout is all about balancing which muscle groups your strengthening and stretching, and how often you are rotating those exercises into your routine.
November 21, 2013Best Supplements to Get RippedIn this Article: The ABC’s of BCAA for Building Muscles Creatine and Lean Muscle Mass Chromium Picolinate – More than Insulin Regulation Is there a supplement you can take to get ripped and get better results from your workouts?
Anyone who has spent time researching fitness and athletic performance has heard about nutritional supplementation. October 10, 2013Vegan Bodybuilding Diet: Lots of Choices!How to Build Muscle Without Meat and Milk In this Article: Where Should the Extra Calories Come From When Weight Training?
October 9, 2013Vegetarian Bodybuilding: Can you Still Get Ripped?Ripped and Responsible… In this Article: How Much Protein Do you Need for a Vegetarian Bodybuilding Diet? Protein Supplements To Help Reach Your Bodybuilding Goals What are the Best Muscle Building Supplements?
Vegans and Bodybuilding More people are becoming aware of negative health effects from consuming meat, especially beef and pork. September 26, 2013Four Natural Supplements For Boosting EnduranceNatural Energy and Endurance Boosters: Compliments of Mother Nature Endurance Supplements can play a KEY role in helping you reach your fitness goals. September 25, 2013Why Do We Include Turmeric in our Military Supplements?Turmeric Benefits: The Next Kale?
Earlier this month, a Huffington Post contest was held to see which food or spice readers thought would be the next kale. September 24, 2013Nutraceutical Supplements That Would Make Any Service Member Say “Hoorah”Nutraceuticals that live up to the challenges of today’s military Serving in today’s military is a multi-faceted and complex role.
With our troops alternating between daily physical and emotional overexertion, the classic so-called bodybuilding supplements just don’t cut it.
These days, it seems like everyone is trying out a vegetarian or vegan diet of some sort for environmental, ethical or health reasons.
September 23, 2013Experiencing the Full Benefits of Taking Navy Seal SupplementsOur navy seal supplements are a natural way to experience enhanced endurance, more energy and a clear mind. Our team at Active Life Global Solutions carefully designed our navy seal formula to beat the rigors of everyday life and still achieve new personal triumphs in fitness and training. September 2, 2013Nutrition Tips for Runners: What Runners Eat for Maximum PerformanceWhat Do Runner’s Eat? August 28, 2013Military Nutrition: Getting Ready for Hell Week TrainingHell Week Training: 3 Things to Remember!
Food Choices: Building Muscles and Encouraging Recovery Hydration: Be Aware of Safe Levels What’s Hell Week Training?
Carb Loading: Endurance Running Demands Quality Carbs This is the time of the year runners all over the country are deeply into Marine Marathon training. August 20, 2013Is the Insanity Workout Plan Right for You?In this Article: Can You Shape Up with the Insanity Workout Plan?
The Benefits of Body Weight Exercise Programs Know Your Fitness Level When Going into Your Workout Plan Can You Shape Up with the Insanity Workout Plan? July 26, 2013The Changing Role of Women in Military: It’s Not All PhysicalIn this article: Why all the concern about the Role of Women in Military? Veterans Debate on Women in Combat Roles (video) Does a Combat Role for Women in Military Mean the End of War as We Know it?
July 25, 2013What is so Special About a BCAA Supplement with Vitamin B?What are BCAA Supplements? July 19, 2013BCAA – The Muscle Building InfographicUse this BCAA Infographic on your Site For FREE!
And at any stage of the cell regeneration, what you eat and the dietary supplements you take (or don’t take) can affect the strength and integrity of your bones. July 6, 2013The New Breakfast of Champions?Post Workout and Building Muscle: What do Champions Do? Sports Science is not all Test Tubes Walking through Whole Foods, what would you expect a Cross-Fit Champion would load up on? July 5, 20135 Tips to Stay in Shape while Traveling over the SummerFit Travel: Is it Possible? In this Article: Plan and Prepare for Vacation Workouts Drink Water Keeping to a “Normal” Diet Stay Active – The Whole Family can Join In Pucker Up Summer!

July 2, 2013Using Branched Chain Amino Acid Supplement and Other Measures to Build Growth  Now that it’s summer, are you trying to look your best to showcase your body on the beach? June 24, 2013What Do Women Do in the Military?Health and Physical Fitness for Service Women What do women do in the military? June 23, 2013Best Football Diet for Optimal Sports PerformanceBefore the Ball is Snapped… In this Article: Should Every Football Player have the Same Diet? Off-Season Football Diet In-Season Football Diet Should Every Football Player have the Same Diet? There are many brain vitamins and supplements you can use to significantly enhance focus and simultaneously improve well-being. June 13, 20137 Weight Loss Tips You Can Start Using TodayLosing Weight Easily Starts with 7 Easy Steps When you’re getting ready for military bootcamp or a sports event, the motivation for getting in great shape is easy to find. June 2, 2013Benefits of Saw Palmetto: From Libido to Thinning Hair-Fact or Fiction?What’s so Special about Saw Palmetto? In this Article: Reducing Risk of Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Saw Palmetto – Video Increasing Libido with a Plant? The benefits of Saw Palmetto, a plant native to the southeast, has a long history including use by men to prevent urinary disorders and to boost libido. In this Article: Say No to Carbo-Loading (unless you’re in it for the long haul) Keep the Fats Optimal Post-Workout Ratios What you put into your body is directly related to what you get out of it.
Taking Your Workout Goals One Step Further Before you even think about putting together a workout plan, you need to sit down and set some workout goals. May 10, 2013How to Avoid Fatigue While Working a 9-5Unfortunately, many of us spend most of our days working behind a desk in the cubicle, and this could do destruction to our bodies. May 9, 20133 Steps to Create the Best Nutrition Plan for BodybuildersBodybuilding and Sport Training – You Gotta Fuel the Work!
In this Article: Simple Nutrition Plans for Bodybuilders What Does a Good Nutrition Plan Cover? May 3, 2013Best Vitamins For Men Training For Military from A-ZSpecial Benefits of Vitamin E for Soldiers and Other Exposed to Radiation In this Article: Special Benefits of Vitamin E for Soldiers Sources of Vitamin E Benefits of Vitamin E Is there any validity to needing best vitamins for men training for military? Only then do they really fully appreciate the amount of physical and mental strength you’ve got to have.
Military, Police and special ops guys have more stress and need a supplement to help them meet the challenge. April 4, 2013Complete Your Mission with Navy Seal SupplementsThere’s no question that one of the best movies of the year was Zero Dark Thirty.
Bigelow’s close up documentary-like cinematography gave viewers an almost voyeuristic look at how we were able to bring Osama Bin Laden to justice.
March 8, 2013Will Water Training Increase Sports Performance and Lung Function?The Therapy and Sports Training Connection In this Article: The Therapy and Sports Training Connection Why do Water Training? March 1, 2013Military Weight Loss, Diets, and Heart HealthHow to Beat Fat and Improve Heart Health In this Article: Are Low-Carb Diets good for Military Weight Loss? Going Mediterranean and Military Weight Loss Diets Next Step for Choosing Military Weight Loss Diets? February 26, 2013Could that Next Drink Kill You?Water and Training for Military and Sports In this Article: 1)    How Much Water do you Really Need? 2)   Your Brain Doesn’t Know you’re Thirsty…and Other Myths 3)   Dangers of Overhydration How Much Water do you Really Need?
February 25, 2013Muscle Building and Endurance Training on a BudgetWhen Saving Money AND Muscle Building Endurance are Important In this Article: 1)    Cheap Protein and Muscle Building 2)   Goo Got you Down…try some Raisins!
3)   Cost-Saving Electrolytes for Sports and Fitness Training   Is it possible to get the same muscle building benefits of the best proteins without investing in a cattle ranch? February 11, 2013Does Nutrient Timing help your Weight Training?Nutrient Timing: Bogus or Beneficial?

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