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The 3-day tuna diet is a highly controversial low calorie diet plan that promises a rapid 12 lbs weight loss.
The crash diet plans are characterized by eating fewer calories than the human body needs in order to preserve its weight. The liquid diet comes in many versions and each individual is free to choose the one that fits him or her best.
Any 3-day diet can solve your excess weight problem temporarily, but there’s a great danger of regaining the lost weight once these three days pass.

Get rewarded in 3 days: just like me you can lose weight fast by following this easy step by step lose 10 pounds in 3 days diet.
Portions must be eaten strictly as detailed and the dieters are advised not to over-eat, otherwise the 10 pound weight loss which is mentioned may not be accomplished, although people who are on the diet should not under eat even if they are not hungry.
This diet is a very low calorie diet (approx 700 calories per day), and is often only used for a few days. Great article, this is the SAFE way to lose weight that actually works and will make you feel great. Of course, you may not gain the rapid result, but this can be a very positive start to your healthy way of life.

Although the majority of the weight that is lost is due to fluid loss and not the more preferable loss of fat.

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