Up to FIVE POUNDS vanishes within days, and then continues as you feast on your favorite foods like bread, pasta, dairy, cheese, and more! Scientists have now discovered that vitamin D is the biochemical key that actually releases the most stubborn fat in your cells so your body can burn it off — instead of piling it on your hips, thighs, and belly. Based on overwhelming scientific evidence, the editors at Women’s Health magazine have now created the first weight loss plan that lets you take complete advantage of this breakthrough.
With The Vitamin D Diet, you'll discover how the right balance of certain foods and supplements can help you lose up to 5 lbs in just 7 days, boost your mood, and control hunger all day!
You’ll get a week’s worth of menus packed with vitamin D and other nutrients to help you drop up to 5 pounds in just 7 days! Enjoy between-meal snacks and watch the pounds disappear — snacks like our Chocolate Mocha Smoothie. Peel off pounds with dozens of hearty recipes — from pizza and burgers to beef stew and chicken cacciatore! A typical person should expect a safe and healthy weight loss rate of 1 to 2 pounds per week if they reduce calorie consumption and exercise regularly.
The Vitamin D Diet is one of the first and most complete weight loss programs to take advantage of this phenomenal weight loss breakthrough with foods and recipes you’ll adore! Twicsy is Twitter Pics Browse & Search ALL Twitter Pics! Search over 5,736,992,985 Twitter pics, millions posted to Twitter each day! In human terms, that equates to a 250-pound person shrinking to 150 pounds in a short time. In a recent controlled study, humans taking this new compound lost 28 pounds over a 10-week period compared to less than 3 pounds in the placebo group.5 Unlike other weight loss studies that mandate at least some moderation in food intake, these study participants did not alter their diet in any way.
In this article, I will discuss scientific findings showing how this new compound produces more impressive weight loss results than any other drug, nutrient or hormone in medical history. Scientists have identified specific factors that cause aging people to accumulate unwanted fat pounds.
The corpulent mass that accrues on our aging bodies can be compared to the growth of malignant tumors. It is obesity cause number four above that is the most prevalent factor involved in age-associated weight gain. Age-related weight gain occurs when adipocytes (fat cells) accumulate a large amount of triglycerides and become enlarged. Adipocytes accumulate excess triglycerides due to overeating, insufficient physical activity, hormone imbalance and other causes. Young, physically active people can consume lots of calories, often without becoming overweight. The answer is the adipocyte command signal network that controls the storage and release of triglycerides from fat cells. The aging process adversely affects the adipocyte command signal network, which helps explain the difficulty maturing individuals have in controlling their weight. Adipocytes regulate their size and number by secreting command signals.13 One such signal is the hormone leptin, which is derived from the Greek term leptos, meaning thin. An ideal weight loss agent would increase adiponectin, decrease glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase and inhibit barriers in the aging body that block the utilization of leptin.
Anecdotal information indicated that a West African medicinal food called Irvingia gabonensis might produce some weight loss effects.
Weight loss-inducing agents, be they supplements, hormones or drugs, typically function via only one mechanism.
Adiponectin is a hormone that plays a critical role in metabolic abnormalities that are associated with Type 2 diabetes, obesity, and atherosclerosis.33, 26, 28, 34-41 Higher levels of adiponectin enhance insulin sensitivity, and enhancing insulin sensitivity is important to long-term metabolic health as we age. Glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase is an enzyme that facilitates the conversion of blood glucose into triglycerides that increase adipocyte size. The release of C-reactive protein by adipocytes, a leptin-binding protein, neutralizes the natural adipocyte-controlling effects of leptin.
It is associated with lower levels of C-reactive protein and helps restore the dual weight control effects of leptin.
It inhibits glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase, thereby reducing fatty acid formation in the body and inhibiting the amount of blood glucose that converts to fat. It inhibits the enzyme amylase, thus reducing the amount of ingested starches that will be absorbed as sugar.
In 2006, researchers studied the effect of Irvingia in rats who were artificially induced to develop diabetes.
Another study in 2006 evaluated the effects of Irvingia in slowing the intestinal absorption of glucose in healthy rats. Based on consistent findings showing multiple beneficial effects of Irvingia, a larger study was conducted on overweight and obese participants over a 10-week period. The chart above shows the Irvingia group lost 28 pounds, whereas the placebo group lost virtually no weight.
These remarkable blood marker changes reveal specific mechanisms responsible for the profound weight loss effects observed in subjects receiving Irvingia.
This historic study demonstrated that Irvingia induced more weight loss in a shorter period of time than any other compound ever tested.
The charts below show the percentage of changes seen in the Irvingia group compared to the placebo group. Scientists have spent many years identifying the specific Irvingia extract that promotes the greatest amount of weight loss, while reducing blood fat (lipid) and glucose levels. In the most significant study to date, it required only 150 mg of standardized Irvingia extract taken two times a day to produce the dramatic results, i.e.

Considering the profound effect of Irvingia in sharply reducing blood glucose and cholesterol, the dose of 150 mg of Irvingia taken two times a day should not be exceeded. If you use cholesterol-lowering drugs and start taking Irvingia, have your blood tested after 30 days to make sure that your cholesterol level is not being lowered too much. Hypoglycemics (low blood sugar) should use this product with caution as it can significantly lower blood glucose levels. Diabetics taking medications to lower glucose levels should use this product with caution as it might cause glucose to drop too low. Just when new methods are discovered to reduce fat stores, scientists uncover additional mechanisms by which adipocytes retain excess triglycerides. Irvingia seems to overcome the multiple escape routes that enable fat cells (adipocytes) in aging bodies to resist eradication. Last year I wrote an article titled "Why a 100% Effective Diet Pill Would Lead to a Health Catastrophe."55 My article stated that most people restrict their calorie intake not for health reasons but to avoid becoming too fat. It is still too early to know for sure if Irvingia will prove to be a 100% effective diet pill. With our knowledge about the health and longevity benefits of restricting calorie intake, I beg, plead, and reiterate my point that if you find an effective method to lose weight without dieting, please continue to control calorie intake anyway in order to extend your life. In other words, if Irvingia were to work for you as well as it did for the study subjects, please do not overeat, as excess calorie intake is a leading cause of cancer, vascular disease, and accelerated aging. In their study published in the Nutrition Journal, the researchers took 26 overweight, but otherwise healthy people who snacked on the fruit daily.
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The problem has been that up until now, there has not been an effective way to circumvent these underlying causes of today's obesity epidemic.
This analogy goes beyond ever-increasing fat bulges and extends to how fat cells resist eradication.
Fortunately, it is now possible to control these obesity-inducing mechanisms using a natural plant extract. When energy is needed, specific command signals mobilize adipocytes to release their stored fat. These factors, however, fail to address the reason why aging individuals seem to put on fat pounds despite making great efforts to eat less, taking dietary supplements and following other practices that should in theory lead to weight loss.
One might wonder what mechanism besides physical activity enables these healthy young bodies to limit the amount of ingested fat stored in their adipocytes.
For instance, British sailors where encouraged to eat limes to prevent scurvy long before anyone even knew about vitamin C. Unfortunately, adipocytes possess numerous routes to ensure their continued growth and proliferation.
There is an FDA-approved weight loss drug called Acarbose® that inhibits amylase and thereby reduces the amount of sugar absorbed into the bloodstream. Compared to baseline, there were significant reductions in blood triglyceride levels (16%), total cholesterol (30%), LDL (39 %), and glucose (38%), while HDL-cholesterol levels were increased by 29% after four-week supplementation. The guinea pigs receiving the Irvingia displayed a significant increase in beneficial HDL accompanied by a significant decrease in triglycerides and LDL. These beneficial blood marker changes would also confer considerable protection against diabetes and vascular disease beyond the fat loss benefits. Participants who received Irvingia had significant improvements in body composition and reductions in blood measurements of cardiovascular and diabetes risk. 28 pounds of weight loss in subjects taking Irvingia extract compared to less than 3 pounds of weight loss in the placebo group. If your total cholesterol drops below 160, ask your doctor to consider reducing the dose or eliminating your statin drug. Diabetics are encouraged to carefully monitor their blood glucose levels, in coordination with their physician, to make sure the proper doses of anti-diabetic drug(s) are taken.
I warned that if a diet pill ever emerged that did not require food restriction, most people would overeat themselves into an early grave. The good news is that by freeing up leptin to bind to hunger-control centers in the brain, most people will find their appetite is reduced when taking Irvingia, thus eabling them to effortlessly ingest fewer calories. Researchers involved in the study confirmed that if overweight people ate half an avocado with their lunch, they are less likely to want to snack after their lunches. Results showed reduce in blood sugar and insulin responses, which have been linked to the urge to snack. Canadian Teena€™s Discovery Of Forgotten Mayan City Using Ancient Astronomy Allegedly FAKE?
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According to one Gallop poll, Americans are about twice as likely to want to lose weight as they are to seriously put in the work to do so. With The The Vitamin D Diet, you’ll enjoy satisfying bread, pasta, burgers, cheese, eggs, and more!
Like cancer, fat cells deploy multiple survival mechanisms when their existence is threatened. These survival characteristics of adipocytes explain why logical methods to promote weight loss have produced only mediocre results. White kidney bean extract does the same thing.44,46 Only moderate weight loss benefits, however, have been shown with amylase inhibitors.
This may at first seem illogical since leptin functions to turn off appetite while promoting breakdown of triglycerides that bloat adipocytes. If blood glucose levels drop too low, ask your doctor if the dose of anti-diabetic drug can be lowered, or the drug(s) discontinued altogether.
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40 percent of the people who were tested confirmed not having the urge to snack for three hours after eating the fruit and 28 percent reported not being hungry five hours afterwards. So when your habits become healthy ones, you don’t need much motivation to keep living the healthy life.
If a diabetic experiences significant weight loss with Irvingia, their need for anti-diabetic drugs may be reduced or eliminated. Your free gifts are yours to keep no matter what as our thanks for previewing The Vitamin D Diet.

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