There are many things you can do to help decrease the severity and frequency of your morning sickness. You no longer have to choose between being comfortable or stylsih since modern maternity clothing has been designed to give you maximum comfort while still looking your best. Tips for TopsGive yourself extra breathing room by wearing low-cut, v-neck, or wide neck tops.Tops made with stretchy fabric are less restrictive and can highlight the contour of your body. Tips for PantsMaternity pants (which are made of spandex and stretchy fabrics) are more comfortable and can grow with your body giving you the most amount of use, as opposed to buying new pants every few weeks. There are a number of things which can cause a home to pick up an unpleasent odor including: smoke, pets, cooking, pests (mice, birds, stinkbugs), nearby factories, water damage, plumbing issues, etc. We also recommend replacing all the air filters in your house since it's likely your current air filters have collected the odor and can cause your home to stink up again. When an entire room smells unpleasent, there is no way to escape the odor which can trigger nausea.
If your laundry smells bad, try using a stronger smelling landry detergent and wash smaller loads more frequently.
Trashcans are notrorious for smelling unpleasant and is one of the most common sources for bad odors in kitchens and bathrooms. If you're one of the people who is extra sensitive to bad smells, you may want to go the extra step and purchase odor-eliminating trash bags to keep your rooms smelling fresher longer.
You can use candles to fill a room with the fragrance, or you can place a small amount of essentail oil on a hankerchef to use if you're out of the house.
Many women feel the scents below are best at reducing nausea and decreasing the frequency of morning sickness occurances. Acid reflux can cause nausea after eating in pregnancy See which foods are best to eat when you have morning sickness., so some researchers suggest taking an antacid before bed can help soothe your stomach and decrease some of the nausea feelings you may feel the next morning. These foods are more difficult for our digestive systems to break down and the extra effort may cause too much strain for a weak stomach. Drinking clear fluids before and inbetween meals will not only prevent you from eating too much food and becoming ill, but by taking frequent small sips it will also keep you hydrated. Since nausea can become worse if you're tired, you should make sure your body is well rested to keep it in top health.

Many pregnant women claim that rushing out of bed in the morning can leave them light headed and can trigger the onset of morning sickness. There will most likely be days where your morning sickness is really bad and the best thing to do is to find ways to prevent it from ruining your day. Since just the thought of eating a particular food or being sick can be enough to trigger nausea in some women, it's best to make sure your mind is occupied.
Try to avoid sitting and doing nothing or watching re-runs on TV as these things generally are not stimulating enough to keep your mind from thinking about feeling ill.
Believe it or not our body has several pressure points that trigger our bodies to have positive reactions towards nausea. These instructions will help you find the P6 pressure point on the bottom of each of your wrists. The pressure point is located between these two tendons about 2-3 finger widths (about 1½-3 inches) below the top crease in your wrist where your palm meets your arm. Wrap your fingers around your wrist and use your thumb to press firmly on the pressure point.
You should start to feel relief within 10-30 seconds, but it can take some people up to 5 minutes before they start to feel better. Meditation and yoga can help relive built up stress within your body which can also help with nausea and upset stomachs. It's understandable that most people's lives are hectic; so changing from a fast-paced routine can be difficult.
Many people use acupressure bracelets to help fight nausea from motion sickness or sea sickness and many expecting mothers use them to help keep their queasy stomachs under control as well.
Below is a list of the remedies which don't include medications, processed foods, or anything not natural. Researchers have noticed that women who need medical attention because of thier morning sickness generally have very low vitamin B6 levels.
Fennel and anise seeds have been used by the Chinese to settle upset stomachs and cure nausea for many centuries. Ginger has long been used to treat upset stomachs and helps to cleanse the palate (which is why it's served with sushi).

When you're suffering from morning sickness even the slightest foul odor (such as a full trash can) can send you running to the nearest toilet. A Sweedish study showed that 90% of women who used acupuncture for morning sickness during their pregnancy felt less nauseous and had other morning sickness symptoms improve.
Below are recommendations and tips that many people have claimed helped them feel less ill. Instead of eating a large meal two-three times per day, try eating smaller meals more frequently. Computer monitors and TV screens have an unnoticeable flicker (they usually flicker 60 or more times each second), however when you're feeling ill this flickering light can trigger headaches. Fluids are extremely important for the overall health of your body and if you've been vomiting its very easy to become dehydrated.
If you are showing signs of dehydration, you should try to hydrate yourself as soon as possible. Proper hydration is very important during pregnancy especially during the first trimester because if there is not enough amniotic fluid for the fetus it can cause your baby to lay against the uterus instead of floating within the fluid. While there is no definitive proof that hypnosis is beneficial for morning sickness, many women claim it works. Since vitamins are both water and fat soluble, it is best to take them when you're eating food to prevent stomach upset. Nausea can be triggered by the slightest foul odor, so be sure to get fresh air frequently. See what different stages of morning sickness feel like from very minor to severe morning sickness.

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