By Admin Leave a Comment When you have decided that it is time to lose weight, you need to make changes in two key areas of your life – diet and exercise. In the long term scheme of things, the body will use up your fat for fuel whether you are running at a fast pace or a slow one.
If you are looking to use running as a way to burn fat and lose weight, make sure you take care of the most important parts of your body to achieve this – your legs. So the next time you are wanting to kick your exercise routine up a notch and you are asking yourself if running will do the trick, you can rest assured in the knowledge that, yes, it will. As with any exercise you will only get the results that you want when you put in a sustained, regular effort.
Time and time again we at Women’s Running UK receive emails, Tweets and Facebooks about how running has helped women to be themselves. Victoria Calvin I see inches lost, about three pounds down, on week three of my 10K training program. Lucy Thorpe Trained for four half marathons and a marathon and never lost weight at all – maybe when I first started running – but my weight has stayed the same since.
Pam Scott Adams I love running but I know I need to cross train and start working with weights. Cassandra Staer Get a tape measure to be sure, but it will be muscle that gives you a heavier weight. But running will definitely help you lose inches, and lead you to look more trim and toned, even if it’s not reflected on the scales. Emily Coltman I took up running in the first place because I got on the scales and didn’t like what I saw.
Sian Dickinson My weight hasn’t changed although I have been exactly the same weight for about two years now so I must have found my happy medium!
However, it can be puzzling to find that you are putting on weight in spite of working hard at your mileage.

Fiona Phillips While training for my first marathon last year I found it impossible to lose weight and even maintaining it was difficult. Or it could simply be that you have increased your appetite and are eating more than you are burning off.
Donna Bowman I have managed to lose over three stone and keep it off by running twice a week and taking part in a bootcamp style class once a week; along with eating healthy 90 per cent of the time.
The only point being in that there seems to be an inherent conflict of interest (or decisiveness for that matter) in this editorial piece. To summarize for you non-physics loving folk, all it means for you is that if you eat less calories than you burn, you’ll lose weight.
Obviously you want to make healthy choices (maybe start by perusing this article) but ultimately there is NO SUCH THING  as an inherently bad food group…unless of course you count meth as a food group and then you should probably get some help. If you enjoyed and found value in this post about the truth of does running help lose weight, please leave a comment and share it with other smart people like you on Facebook! Without making modifications to both of these areas, you will not see the weight loss that you are hoping to achieve. The fat and carbs that you eat in your daily diet are converted into the energy that your engine needs to run efficiently each day. As long as you are burning more calories than you are eating, the body will adjust and burn off the excess that you do not need. When you are running, whether outside on the pavement or inside on the treadmill, the joints in your ankles and knees will feel the impact of each step that you make while running.
Start off slowly, build up to more intense, fat-burning runs and you will be watching those excess pounds melt off in no time.
When you’re running through the mud with no make-up, who cares what you look like or how much you weigh? Have taken up a boot camp to get the extra fat burning boost to my metabolism and also for the sculpting effect and am now seeing some results.

My body shape has definitely changed though and got muscles on my legs that I never knew existed! I generally run four to six miles during the week and then a longer run of eight miles at the weekend.
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The average bladder holds about 400-800 cc of fluid but most people will feel the urge to go long before that at 250 to 300 cc. When you are exercising, your body engine chews through different ratios of these two items. Make sure that you invest in a good pair of running shoes that can help to absorb the impact of these shocks while you are on the move.
All you need is a good pair of shoes and daily determination to get out into the fresh air for you to achieve the goals you have set. Haven’t touched a cigarette since 11 January which is when I started running, best thing I have ever done and feel so much better for it. Love running and how it sorts out my mood etc but it is not any kind of fix for me weight wise. I love running but my advice is to try and do a different type of exercise to accompany it. If you are running at a fast pace, for example, then your body will choose the quickest source of fuel, which is the carbs.
However, when you are taking on a slower, longer run, then your body will turn to your fat for the energy that it needs.

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