Chappie dog food is a low fat dog food made for dogs with poor stomach or stomach and skin related diseases. Chappie dog food is pet food specially designed for adult dogs and dogs with sensitive stomach.
As I mentioned earlier in my low fat dog food article that an ideal dog food must contain a much amount of protein, less amount of carbohydrates and of course least amount of fat which is less than 10%.
To know more about chappie dog food, other dog foods and related things, please visit low fat dog food. Low fat dog food is not required by all species of dogs but there are some conditions when dogs cannot do without low fat dog food.
It is surely not a very bad idea to use Low Fat Dog Food with dogs having GI issues in order to check out the improvisation of the situation.
The labels found on low fat dog foods are often misleading and therefore you should always look out for the complete nutritional data when buying low fat dog food. The fat content of Science Diet Light which is a low fat dog food is 8% and its protein content is 20%.
Iams weight control is a low fat food for dogs that is considered to be the best seller because of its 9% fat content, 20% protein content and 3990 calories rendered per cup.
Although I happen to specialize in homemade dog treats and the majority of my site revolves around dog treat recipes, I do have a decent collection of homemade dog food recipes as well. Before I started making homemade dog food, as well as posting dog food recipes on my blog, I took the time to do a little research. If you are still a little nervous about feeding your dog raw meat from the store, you can always purchase pre-made raw fish and meats at your local pet store.
If you are not ready to make the move to an all raw diet for your dog you can always cook healthy foods for them. While there are a lot of pet owners who enjoy preparing savory meals for their dog every day, they are those who are just looking for simple dog kibble recipes.
It is important to keep in mind that what seems right for you might not be the best diet for your dog.
Dogs have the potential of exhibiting high levels of blood cholesterol, but it is important to note that this high level of blood cholesterol is not bad and it does not block the arteries. Fats can always be a regular inclusion in the diet of your dog, but there are certain medical conditions that require feeding your dog with low fat dog food.
Low fat dog food is generally required by dogs suffering from chronic obesity and pancreatitis.
Acana Light and Fit: This is a good quality dog food that contains just 39% protein and 11% fat and is considered to be the best for the health of your dog.
Blue Buffalo Life Protection Adult Small Breed healthy Weight: This product is dry food for your dog with 33% protein and 11% fat.
A super-premium, all-natural low-grain dog food is being introduced today by Dynamite Specialty Products, which has been making all-natural animal feed and nutritional supplements for four generations.
Super Premium Dog Food is corn-free and wheat-free and has improved the quality of the vitamin and mineral pack in the food, said Jos Zamzow, chief operating officer of Dynamite. The quality of the protein in this all-natural dog food is superior because it comes from raw meat that is cooked on site, rather than precooked meal that is then cooked again during the manufacturing process. The all-natural dog food also comes in a new package with a one-way valve that eliminates the introduction of air into the bag, minimizing the oxidation of vitamins and helping them retain their nutritional qualities. The new dog food is a continuation of Dynamite’s efforts to develop a natural dog food that does not trigger allergies and is suitable for dogs with diabetes.
Dynamite will introduce a completely grain-free dog food and an all-meat cat food next year, Zamzow said. Dynamite recommends supplementing Super Premium Dog Food with Showdown, its signature vitamin and mineral supplement for dogs.
Dynamite also recommends adding Dyna-Pro prebiotic while a dog is transitioning to Super Premium Dog Food. A family-owned business that has specialized in animal nutrition for four generations, Dynamite Marketing makes natural food and nutritional supplements for dogs and virtually every member of the animal kingdom. Dynamite has worked with veterinarians and university researchers to produce specialty foods to correct nutritional deficiencies in animals ranging from Canadian muskoxen to peregrine falcons to zoo exotics. Dynamite’s natural dog food uses only ingredients made in the United States for better quality control. Throughout its history, Dynamite has always looked at alternatives to animal by-products, antibiotics, chemical preservatives, fumigants, artificial coloring and other additives that have later caused health problems. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases. Low protein dog food is usually prescribed by a vet as a response to kidney problems rather acute or chronic, kidney stones and congestive heart failure.
Low protein diet is often prescribed, as your pet with a kidney problem may not be able to process the protein effectively.
The problem with low protein dog foods as prescribed by a vet is that such a product can be far costlier than what you were previously feeding your dog on. Some brands available not on prescription may be of lower protein content but only veterinary prescribed will probably be right for your dog. This is a decision you should not really make alone as the health of your dog is at stake but there must be cheaper alternatives. Here are some low protein dog recipes that would be considerably less expensive and take them to your vet for his approval to make sure it is relevant to your dog’s dietary requirements.
Obtain your vets sympathy and you just may be able to come up with a cheaper formula between you.

Here is another useful site with more low protein dog recipes as well as some insightful comments from contributors.
Another alternative although again not inexpensive is NF Kidney Function from Purina veterinary range which has reduced phosphorous and reduced protein.
A common problem with low protein dog foods is dogs do not really enjoy it as protein being reduced seems to take away much of the flavor that comes with it. Since, dogs are called to be one of the nearest friends of men, then people who have dogs as their pets, cares much about their dogs.
It is claimed by specialist who care about the health of your dogs that many dog food companies decrease the amount of protein at an alarming rate when decreasing the amount of fat. However, the large number of commercially available low fat dog foods are not recommended for dogs because they do not possess original contents. This low fat dog food has been made up of quality ingredients that include rice and lamb meat. The main ingredients of this product include corn and chicken by-products and even some grains. Again, most people who take the time to make their pet’s homemade food are doing this for the health benefits. Although it’s not all that difficult to prepare food for your pup, getting some advice, preferably from someone who has experience, is a good idea. Most people are accustomed to feeding their pets dry dog food and the thought of switching to an all raw diet raises some concerns.
One of the most common ingredients that pet owners feed their dog when trying to maintain  healthy a diet is chicken. Making and storing dry dog food is a little easier and less time consuming than preparing raw dog food or cooking your dog meals everyday.
For instance, saturated fats can result in heart attacks and clogged arteries in human beings, but this is not the case with dogs. The cholesterol found in dogs is good cholesterol called HDL and it aids in the prevention of the build-up of life-choking and dangerous plaques that are very commonly found on human artery walls. However, getting hold of good quality, low fat dog food can turn out to be a little difficult.
The elimination of an extra cooking cycle means that heat-sensitive enzymes and vitamins retain more of their nutritional value, Zamzow explained. High grain content in dog food is believed to be a source of allergies, as well as a contributing factor in obesity. It has long developed food and nutritional supplements for working dogs and prize-winning racehorses across the country. Its manufacturing processes are so stringently controlled that Dynamite has a separate mill to produce feed for herbivores, such as horses and poultry that are especially sensitive to contamination from meat needed by other species such as dogs and cats.
There are alternatives to expensive prescription dog food and in some cases the quality can even be lacking in some of these products too.
Too often vets simply reach for the expensive prescribed product and he does not give a thought as to how little you may or may not be able to maintain that level of payment to feed your dog. You may need to mix a little gravy but again everything should be done through consultation with your vet. If you want to try a low fat food from a store, then you should consider a food, which is high in protein, not high in carbohydrates and obviously not high in fat. Many veterinarians recommend chappie dog food for dogs with weaker stomach or dogs with stomach related problems like pancreatitis. Most low fat dog foods available throughout the market do not possess good quality protein and enough protein and they are also very high in non-nutritious fillers and grain based carbohydrates. It is the nutritional and the minimal calorie providing aspect of this dog food that makes it perfect as a balanced and complete dog food.
The main ingredient in this low fat food for dogs is corn followed by carbohydrates in the form of chicken by-products.
Of all the above mentioned low fat dog foods, Natural Choice Nutro Lite is considered to be the best because of the ingredients that it is made up of. I also think that most pet owners agree that homemade pet food the healthier choice, it’s just finding the time and the right recipes that people struggle with.
Discussing dog food recipes with a veterinary nutritionist would be ideal, however, not everyone has access to someone like this. This is why stray dogs (and mischievous pets at home) don’t get sick after eating garbage. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that there are many companies dealing in dog food offering Low Fat Dog Food to their consumers. Dogs consuming a diet that is high in its content of fat are rarely found suffering from any sort of circulatory conditions. It is this high level of good cholesterol in dogs that makes them resistant to the development of atherosclerosis, which is the leading cause of strokes and heart attacks. These conditions can get highly aggravated by the intake of dog food that is high in its fat content.
This is because manufacturers dealing in dog food containing low fat, usually cut back on the meat content of the food. Its specialists can recommend exactly what vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements and natural dog foods best support dogs with arthritis, horses with laminitis, cats whose owners make their own food, and cows with digestive issues.
After careful diagnosis by your vet for one of the above reasons, he may recommend a low protein dog food. You can find a lot of articles over the internet regarding various aspects of dog foods with low fat.

Most low fat foods in the market are made from grains with little amount proteins along with fats.
But they don’t recommend the dry one which is the complete chicken thing, rather they recommend the canned wet one, which is fish based. If you don’t, just talk to your own vet or look for some books on the topic that were written by vets. Well, when it come to raw dog food diets the most popular concerns are parasites and bacteria. I have and the reason why we can eat things like raw salmon and tuna and not get sick is because the fish is frozen first to kill parasites. The main problem here is whether low fat products are designed for the enhancement of your dog’s health or not? There are many dog species that possess the ability of easily handling considerable quantities of animal fat in their diets.
Therefore, unfortunately, the Low Fat Dog Food available throughout the market are also found to be high in carbohydrates and low in the required proteins. Well, a low fat dog food is a dog food with more protein and essential carbs and obviously low in fat. Companies selling low fat foods often advertise that to keep your dog healthy, you should give your dog low fat food. A homemade low fat dog food consists of half amount of carbohydrates and half amount of low fat meat, dairy and eggs.
The chicken complete version of the chappie dog food contains 20% of protein, 7% of fat and a huge amount of carbohydrates.
Food with a fat content of 10% to 15% is moderate fat food and food with over 20% fat content is high fat food. You need to decide on the fact that are these foods good for your dog or are they just here for helping the industry make profits at a very large scale. Thus, it can be said that dietary fat serves as a very good source of required energy and the best method for your canine to get essential fatty acids required for sustaining life.
There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that a reasonable quantity of dietary fat in your dog’s diet can serve to be very healthy for your dog, but it is also important for you to check the calorie intake of your dog on a regular basis. Those who have dogs as their pet, care much about their dogs and they try to do all the things that will ensure the well being of their closest companions.
In the ingredient list, there are cereals (min 4% totally wheat), vegetable origin derivatives, oil and fats, minerals, meat and animal derivatives (min 4% chicken which is mainly chicken leftover).
According to them, a food will considered as low fat if it consists 10% fat on a dry matter basis.
It has been found by a study that, many writers and companies write the benefit of low fat dog foods to sell their products to people.
Again, food with 10 to 15 % fat is considered as medium fat and food with more than 20% fat is considered as high fat food. On that study of a doctor it was said that dogs with pancreatitis, exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI), inflammatory bowel disease (IBD),  hyperlipidemia or hypertriglyceridemia that tend to lead to pancreatitis and  intolerance for fat or mal absorption issues should be provided low fat food. In the case of chappie dog food, we can see they are good at the first thing, lower amount of fat (7%).  But they have higher rate of carbohydrates in their food which is close to 58%! Therefore, just avoid foods with low protein and look for those, which are rich in protein. Removing the skin of chicken breasts and other parts of the chicken is a good idea to make it low fat. On the other hand, some dogs have weaker stomach or have become weaker due to certain diseases and surely they won’t be able thrive with all types of foods. It has a tag called easily digestible, as they claim that the most sensitive dog can digest chappie dog food.
But, before making a decision talk with your veterinarian and read the reviews on the internet.
To calculate the percentage on dry matter basis, first you have to subtract the moisture percentage from 100.
Besides, there is some kind of special diseases like pancreatitis which makes dogs vulnerable to high fat foods. You can calculate the amount of fat in dog food by the process given in the upper portion of this article. Therefore, it is your choice whether you go for a commercial low fat food or a homemade one. Circumstances like this make a dog owner to think about special diet for their beloved dogs. Concentration is not given to provide much protein, which is essential for a dog’s good health. Otherwise, you can ask the food company for the details about fat, if it is not written on the label. If you search for a low fat dog food, chappie dog food is one of those available in the market. Besides, leftovers are claimed to be used in chappie like the other dog food which is not a good thing. There’s also accusation that it contains ingredients those are common things for causing allergy.

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