The revolutionary weight loss plan has taken the world by storm! Our 4 Phase diet gives you 2 steps to lose the weight and 2 steps to keep it off forever! You can easily see which foods are most important to maintain your weight while staying healthy.
At this point, you have reached the top of the stairs with a new way of eating a nutritionally balanced diet. The Dukan Diet starts with a short, sharp 'attack' phase where you eat nothing but protein - just meat, fish, eggs and no-fat dairy products. Drink 1.5 litres of water per day (plain or carbonated) particularly at mealtimes to help you feel full. Eat 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran per day (as porridge, sprinkled on yoghurt, or made into a pancake).
Drinking plenty is a very important part of the Dukan diet, especially during protein days. Kogel Mogel - Polish Egg Nog: Whisk 4 egg yolks with 6-8 tsp sweetener until smooth and almost foamy, but still a bit runny.
Ham Crispies - Spread out thin slices of low fat ham on a baking tray and bake for 7-8 mins in a pre-heated oven at 200C.Turn the ham slices over and finish under a hot grill.
American singer, actress J.Lo and Brazilian super model Gisele Bundchen both claimed to have regained their pre-pregnancy figures by following the The Dukan plan.
The first stage of the Dukan Diet consists of eating high-protein foods and no carbohydrates.
The final stage allows eating whatever is desired, except for one day each week -- that day is Thursday-- and on Thursday, the first stage rules apply of eating the recommended high-protein foods and no carbohydrates.

Sources have the Dukan Diet French language version available in Europe, and an English U.K.
Cheryl M BrownPhiladelphia Weight Loss ExaminerCheryl takes pride in communicating her client's message in the style and voice they want their readers, not only to hear, but also feel. Cannes Film Festival fashion: Amal Clooney, Blake Lively, Victoria BeckhamThe 69th Cannes Film Festival opened on Wednesday, May 11 with Woody Allen's new film. Ways to earn extra money: The side hustleRemember when a full-time job used to mean working 40 hours a week or more and bringing home a decent paycheck that would last, at least until the next pay check? It allows you to eat a variety of foods that are categorized as vital to your health versus just for enjoyment. The first 2 steps make up the Dukan Diet list of 100 foods you can eat in unlimited quantities.
You can spend just one day here - or as many as ten days if you have a lot of weight to lose - and many people can expect to lose as much as 7lb in five days. Constipation may strike after four days on attack so add a tablespoon of wheat bran flakes to your oat bran.
Tea, coffee and diet drinks (no more than 1 calorie per glass) can be included in this total. The suggested 2-3 litres of liquids per day can seem like a daunting task when you start the diet, however you will quickly learn that it's not only manageable, but can help you enjoy your meals and avoid cravings. Pierre Dukan over ten years ago, has helped more than 1.5 million French woman to lose weight and regain shapely figures. Considered to be a stricter version of the South Beach and Atkins diets, the week long stage offers 72 acceptable protein-rich foods to choose from.

Two cheat, or "celebration meals" are allowed per week and the ultimate goal is to lose a pound for every 5 days of participation during this stage. It seems that a half a million French women, and a some celebrities don't seem to think so.
This program is not intended for people with diabetes dependent on insulin, who have eating disorders, problems with renal heart failure, depression, or for pregnant or breastfeeding women. It illustrates an express version of Dukan Diet rules - a 7 day diet - for those who need to lose less than 10 lbs. Through word of mouth, blogs, Internet chats and forums the diet has been kept alive and reaching around the globe.
The second stage offers the first stage's 72 protein-rich foods along with 28 low-carb vegetables to be eaten on alternate days.
Dukan believes that with this formula one can sensibly lose weight and keep it off for life. The decade old diet has spread across Europe and is just now making its way into North America. You start from the bottom step of Pure Proteins (1 = day 1), adding oat bran and shirataki, then progressively add the food group from the next step. Finally, after 7 days, you can start eating normally and include physical activity to lose weight permanently.

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