Even if you have no self-control, one simple trick can help you resist the temptation of unhealthy food. When faced with a picnic table filled with your favorite junk foods, how long does it take you to down the bowl of chips or bag of candy? But new research from the University of Minnesota says that self-control is about more than just willpower, meaning you might be able to develop the restraint that others are born with. In the study, published in the Journal of Consumer Research, researchers found that people who paid better attention while they ate became satisfied more quickly, even when chowing down on chocolate and cookies.
Similar studies have found that eating mindfully is a great way to eat less and feel full faster.
Quick Tip: Eat Less With Smaller Portion SizesCutting up high-calorie foods into smaller pieces could promote healthy weight loss by helping you eat less. Is Facebook Making You Fat?Why keeping up with your friends online might make you pack on the pounds. Researchers simply asked volunteers to count the number of times they swallowed. For people with low self-control in the study, the change was dramatic enough to put them up there with the strong-willed resisters. The flipside, though, is that distractions that mess with your attention can increase the time it takes for you to be satisfied. For those with less willpower, though, all-you-can-eat parties are just unwanted calories waiting to be worked off. So turn off the television, put down the bag of chips, and if you can't simply step away from the junk food—be conscious of each and every bite.

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