Everyone wants to stay healthy, and maintaining your ideal weight is an important part of overall health. Your body needs a certain number of calories each day to burn as you walk, work and even while you sleep. While there are plenty of rule-of-thumb numbers out there, this is no one-size-fits-all kind of thing. Metabolism refers to all the chemical and biological processes your body performs each day as part of being alive. Marsha Irving is a Lifestyle Fitness Coach and fitness writer, certified in Piloxing—a fusion of pilates and boxing, and a Health and Nutrition Advisor.
If you wish to loose weight quickly, may be in just two weeks time; try natural suppressants such as water just before meal, flax seeds and apple help to curb hunger to a large extent. Good sleep, regular meals at regular intervals, proper lifestyle habits and reduction of alcohol help in quick weight reduction too. Eating more than the optimal amount can cause you to gain weight, while eating less than your body burns can contribute to losing weight.
Your calorie needs vary based on your target weight, your age, your gender, your height, your activity level and, importantly, your metabolism.
These processes include breaking down what you eat and turning that raw material into the nutrients your body needs. She can advise you of the right mix of foods to eat, as well as warn you of any underlying health issues that may affect your diet.

Motivating and mentoring many with proper guidance of obtaining and maintaining a healthy and fit way of life, Marsha remains in the forefront of introducing new fitness methods that focus on mind and body. Different things work for different people and I was lucky enough to find one that worked for me. This is most important first step towards loosing weight and has to be strictly decided by the amount of physical activities you are involved in on a daily basis. Fibrous food such as lean meat, fish, lentils, beans are high in fiber and protein and are apt for boosting metabolism manifold too. Having high fibre diet helps to feel fuller faster and you do not add any extra calories too.
Some metabolisms are efficient, sometimes referred to as a “fast metabolism,” and some are less efficient, or slow. The relationship between your body type, how many calories you eat and how activity revs up your metabolism is the key to maintaining a healthy weight. Incorporating all training elements in one to provide personalized regimens that are easily adapted to your daily routine that will rejuvenate and revitalize your inner and outer being. Cardio exercises, squats, yoga, aerobics, swimming, crunches, lunges are some of the best form of physical exercises. To date, Marsha’s clients include many from the sports, entertainment and corporate realms: Road Runners Club of America, Live Strong, United States Olympic Committee, Equinox, Ignite Naturals, NBA, NFL and USTA.
Marsha looks forward to embarking on this amazing journey of transforming bodies and creating a lifestyle for a healthy fit new you.

The British are forever having tea, with the accompanying wonderful petit-fours, tarts, cream puffs and scones.) Identifying and conquering bad eating habits can greatly increase your chances for successful weight loss. For example, if you’re a 35 year old woman, 5’ 9”, who weighs 130 pounds and is lightly active, you burn just over 1800 calories a day. Here are some of my bad eating habits: Eating too many sweets Eating late in the day Eating to reward myself Eating to console and comfort In recent months these habits are out of control. Now, crank that activity level up to just moderately active and you’re burning well over 2000 calories a day, a big jump if you’re looking to lose weight. Breaking bad eating habits is not all that different from breaking other types of bad habits. Decide what you need to change in your environment to lead you to choose the new healthy habit.
Here’s How to Refuel!Read more Christy King Eating and drinking healthfully is definitely a habit. Although I’m good at eating healthfully for the most part, I have a bit of a Coke (capital C) addiction. Another example is that when I began eating brown rice many years ago, I didn’t particularly like it.

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