Well to put it very simply it means eating foods that have a natural origin, that are not tampered with and have little to no “added ingredients”.
Many of you will have thought about this at Christmas time after indulging in lots of Christmas dinner and all those yummy puddings you just had to try, as well as the alcohol that everybody else was drinking so you had to join in (right?)….and lets not forget the chocolates and nuts that everybody buys and that just sit around calling out to you!
The best place to start is to empty your cupboards of everything that has a list of ingredients you cant read.
Depending on which lifestyle you are looking to follow this will definitely include meat and veg, some will include grains, dairy, nuts, eggs and fruit.
For example; vegans will not include meat, eggs or dairy, vegetarians will cut out meat also but most will still have eggs and dairy products. The main thing to keep in mind with clean eating whichever path you choose is that it is about eating real good food that doesn’t need a long list of ingredients that nobody understands.
There are so many benefits of clean eating but most importantly you will feel amazing in yourself and you will have more energy (you may experience a week of not feeling so great as all the nasties in your system work they’re way out but push through and you will start seeing benefits very soon!) Some people will lose weight, and others will change shape.

You will be amazed when you do this at just how many of those convenient little pots are full of nasties that really do not need to be there. Whether you are a busy worker travelling to the City, or a just as busy mum at home with the children, we can ALL find time to cook good meals from real ingredients.
First of all DO NOT go shopping when you’re hungry and just starting out with clean eating, believe me, it is far too tempting to just grab whatever you fancy at the time and this usually wont be anywhere near as healthy as what you want to be eating. However there are some diets that cut out these food groups too as they believe them to be damaging. People following what is known as a paleo lifestyle will cut out all grains, including corn, and all dairy products. Some people may find it easiest to make a meal plan and spend half a day prepping several meals then freezing them for convenience. Then there are those who class themselves as primal which is essentially paleo but including raw dairy products.

Others will find it just as easy to decide what they fancy when walking around the store and throw things together as, and when they have the time. The problem with the second option for many people is that on those odd days when you get home too late or you’ve had a hard day and just cant be bothered to cook its far too tempting to go back to old habits. So the best option is to plan as much in advance as you can, even just making extras with dinner so you have something to take to work in the morning or making lunch for the next day whilst cooking dinner can help massively!

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