Many people incorporate lunges in their exercise routines because this type of exercise is very simple to master, and still offers a lot of health benefits to people of all skill levels. Aside from being a great warm up exercise, lunges actually help strengthen your lower body. Lunges also prevent back pain and improve your posture and balance as you work on your core strength. Properly doing lunges regularly would aid you in strengthening and toning your quadriceps and your glutes.
If you have been sitting on your office chair for a long period, you would notice tightness in the muscles that bend or flex your legs at the hips. For beginners, you could use a chair or the wall of your room to help steady yourself when you practice doing lunges. How often have we looked at celebrity bodies and wished we could have perfect abs like theirs?
Aside from squats, four-way hip extensions, and step-ups, lunge exercises are also a good option to include in your routine especially if you want to tone your buttocks. Here are some yoga poses for easy weight loss.Yoga is a known stress buster, but it is also one of the most effective for fighting stubborn fat stores, particularly the ones that crop up after age 40.

It enables you use your body weight to help strengthen your leg muscles, especially the quadriceps of your front thigh, your posterior thighs’ hamstrings, and the gastrocnemius and soleus of the calf. Lunge exercise helps improve the flexibility of your hip joints and prevent lower back pain caused by tight hip flexors. Good thing we at Club New You by Xenical have a fast and simple exercise to help you lose weight.
Split exercises such as lunges can also help you improve the dynamic flexibility of your ankle and knee. Yoga is really a natural way to settle the mind and body, while reducing stress and muscular tension, which inspire a more restful night’s sleep. We partnered with Coach Chappy Callanta of 360 Fitness Club to teach us how we can keep the pounds off by doing some lunge exercises. Yoga as a fitness workout has attracted an increasing following of people looking for exercise that develops strength, flexibility and toning.
Yoga strengthens your body, tones body muscles, boosts up immunity, aids weight loss and more importantly, increases stretchability of the body. Here are some yoga poses for easy weight loss.Mountain PoseThis pose is often the first in all yoga workouts.

Raise your hands while making a deep breath in, and get both hands back as shown within the the picture with a breath out.Warrior II PoseThis pose looks easy, but it‘s hard to stand in this pose for a while. Breathe in and out deeply to relax your mind at the same time.Cobra PoseUncurl your toes so the tops of the feet are touching the floor and press your tailbone down.
Hug your elbows in while you inhale, straighten your arms, and raise your chest off the ground.
Inhale, curl your toes under, and press your hips up and back to downward-facing dog.Facing Dog PoseTry to keep your legs and arms straight. Initially stages, it will be difficult for you to definitely have your legs straight, so attempt to have them as straight as you possibly can. Concentrate the power to your arms, like pushing the ground.Plank PoseThis is a real challange for arm balance.
Inhale, fully stand up, and lower your arms for your sides.Pigeon PoseBend your right knee and extend your left leg behind you.

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