MIT-trained chemist Raymond Francis got tired of dead-ends with doctors and took his health – and weight – issues into his own hands.
Francis has found the answer to the obesity plague that has left 2-in-3 Americans overweight! Francis says the biggest problem with most approaches to weight loss is that most approaches focus on cutting calories. I have been eating exactly what you propose in your diet for the past 60 days but the results have been very poor.

Instead of eating your typical three square meals plus snacks, try eliminating big meals and snack all day long. I read this book (end to end - and now reading it a second time) and 90% of its contents overlaps with lifestyle improvements for T2 Diabetics (like my body). Using basic science of how your body works, he's come up with a 6-week plan he says will permanently break the fat cycle.
This is because most weight-loss books are scientifically and nutritionally unsound, and many are so unsound, they are dangerous.

Even if you lose weight in the short term, it comes right back, and yo-yo dieting is dangerous and permanently harmful.

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