Sydney, July 1 - People on anti-epileptic drugs are up to four times more likely to suffer spine, collar bone and ankle fractures than non-users of such drugs.
John Wark, professor of medicine at the University of Melbourne, said his research revealed new information critical to understanding the higher risk for fractures in people taking anti-epileptic medication. The University of Melbourne study also showed that those taking anti-epileptic drugs had a greater risk of falling down. More than 70 percent of epilepsy patients who participated in the study were unaware of the increased risk of fractures, decreased bone mineral density and falls linked with taking anti-epileptic medications.
Washington, Nov 25: Breastfeeding a baby while taking a seizure medication may have no harmful effect on the child''s IQ later in life, according to a new research from the Emory University School of Medicine. Breastfeeding has been associated with decreased risks for heart disease, diabetes, and obesity in the child, and breast and ovarian cancer in the mother. The children were given IQ tests at the age of three, and those who were breastfed scored an average of 99 on the test. Meador says AAN guidelines recommend that if possible women should avoid taking more than one epilepsy drug at a time during pregnancy since taking more than one drug has been found to increase the risk of birth defects compared to taking only one medication. AAN guidelines also recommend that valproate be avoided during pregnancy due to risks of birth defects and effects on cognitive skills. The study has been published in the November 24 online issue of Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. For obese men and women who can't control their weight through diet and lifestyle changes, nonsurgical options are limited. An epilepsy drug being touted as a possible tool to fight obesity could also pose a threat to patients' sight, the Daily Mail reports. With an account you can keep track of pages on the site and save them to this tab, which you can access on every page when you are logged in. Si se marca este boton, la pantalla de busqueda segura de Shutterstock filtra el contenido restringido y lo excluye de sus resultados de busqueda. JavaScript appears to be disabled - most features on Can Stock Photo will not function correctly.Not a member yet?

Search Can Stock Photo for royalty free illustration, royalty free clipart, digital artwork, EPS vector clip art, stock illustrations, stock images, logo icon graphics, and cheap EPS format line art drawings. Those who were not breastfed scored an average of 98, which according to Meador is not a significant difference. The children whose mothers were taking valproate had lower IQ scores, regardless of whether or not they were breastfed. It says the drug vigabatrin (sold as Sabril in the UK) is being tested by US scientists as a possible treatment for addiction, and that rats bred to be obese lost between 12-20% of their weight as a result of the study. Subchronic racemic gamma vinyl-GABA produces weight loss in Sprague Dawley and Zucker fatty rats.
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Can Stock Photo has the royalty free illustration, line art drawing, EPS vector graphic, or stock clipart icon that you need. However, the newspaper says that the Royal College of Ophthalmologists has reported that “the drug can affect sight, reducing peripheral vision and limiting the field of vision in other ways, perhaps irreversibly”.This animal study found that rats lost 12 to 20% of their weight after 14 days of vigabatrin injections. Atoms are represented as spheres with conventional color coding: hydrogen (white), oxygen (red), nitrogen (blue), sulfur (yellow).
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The drug is currently being tested for a number of addictions as it works on the chemical pathways in the brain known as dopamine pathways. The Royal College of Opthalmologists has pointed out that the drug might affect peripheral vision and so people who are prescribed it for epilepsy are assessed carefully. 15 in the journal Archives of Internal Medicine.For obese men and women who can't control their weight through diet and lifestyle changes, nonsurgical options are limited, the study authors noted.
Although the researchers claim in the Daily Mail that the dose needed for weight loss in humans is probably lower than the dose that causes side effects, the drug has not yet been assessed for weight loss purposes in humans. It has been tested for cocaine and methamphetamine addiction in humans, but the dose used is not reported.

One group took 200 milligrams of zonisamide daily, another got 400 mg of zonisamide daily and one received a dummy pill. If the drug is effective, the degree of weight loss and the dose needed to achieve it are currently unknown.Where did the story come from?Dr Amy Demarco and colleagues mostly from the Medical Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York, conducted the research.
The participants' average age was 43, and their average body-mass index (BMI) was nearly 38. The study was funded by the Office of Biological and Environmental Research and the National Institute on Drug Abuse. BMI is a calculation of body fat based on height and weight, and a BMI of more than 30 is considered obese. The researchers say that GVG has been shown to be a safe and effective treatment for cocaine and methamphetamine dependence, and they wanted to see if it would produce weight loss.The rats were housed in pairs and allowed to eat freely. The researchers used adult and adolescent Zucker fatty rats, as this type of rat provides a genetic model of obesity, and the animals can inherit characteristics such as early-onset obesity, insulin resistance and hypertension. The researchers also used another type of adolescent rat, the Sprague Dawley rat, which had already been shown to lose weight with GVG.The adolescent rats were randomly assigned to treatment and control groups whereas all the adult rats received treatment. GVG was given to the rats by injection once per day during the daylight hours, and daily food intake and weight were monitored. There are several limitations to the study, some of which could be addressed by human studies if approval for these could be obtained. Reanalysis of weight outcomes in the human studies of this drug for epilepsy could provide useful data.
In addition, there are a number of other cautions and adverse effects associated with GVG, including a risk of neurological problems and depression and irritability.
It should also not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding.There may have been some over interpretation of this study and its implications for new treatments for obesity.

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