Greg Michaels is quickly joining the race in becoming one of the top real leather designer handbag brands.
Our designers meticulously toil to produce world class goods which are sometimes considered art but always considered stylish.
Thanksgiving is just around the corner and whether you are dining with your family or with your closest friends, here are some awesome & cute makeup ideas which will blow your mind! Simple and cute Thanksgiving makeup idea 2014 with black eye liner on the lower and upper waterline. Simple, yet beautiful natural makeup style with soft beige-grey eye shadows, black eyeliner and tangerine lips. The perfect fall makeup for a special event, such as a wedding, wedding guest, cocktail party, etc. What it comes to hair extension, there are quite a good number of products and methods to embrace, but the truth is, too much of these two make choosing ‘only what works best’ a herculean task. Nevertheless, if you are one of those women who are clueless about what to do to care for their hair extension without losing a single strand out of it, I have prepared 10 proven tips to enable you care for your hair extension without much hassle, and using this guide can give you the desired result without breaking your bank.
Avoid using artificial colors and conditioners on your hair, as these may jeopardize your chance to have a great result.

Always make your hair from skilled hairdresser, and inform them to be more cautious while handling it. Use conditioner that will moisturize your tresses and shampoo that’s gentle when you wash your hair. Dry your hair naturally, but if you have to use blow drying, let it be set on the lowest for the best result. Beautiful natural sun-kissed summer makeup look with a little bit of black eye liner, smudged around the corners of the eyes and a light bronze lipstick. Whether going to work or attending a dinner party, Greg Michaels handbags will always be your most powerful statement.
Take a look at these gorgeous soft autumn makeup styles, perfectly suitable for everyday or a special event. Beautiful soft smokey eye makeup with black eye liner and false lashes, complemented by neutral lips.
Adopt the tips listed here to keep your hair extension looking good all the time and you will share your testimony at last, and very soon.
This is because hair extensions add length to your hair and also make it very soft, and which can be easily damaged by too much twisting.

If you did change your hairdresser recently, kindly inform the new one of your hair extension.
So, take a look at these gorgeous makeup looks that are perfect for a day on the beach, lunch with friends or crazy night out.
Perfect skin, smokey dark eyeshadows, big eyelashes, shimmering white contour and light natural lips. Perfect if you want to go on the beach, but still look put together without the heavy makeup. Just a touch of nude lipstick, some mineral concealer for red spots and highlight your cheekbones and brow bones with shimmer and you’re ready.

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