A ferret’s natural diet (determined by looking at their cousin, the European polecat, from which the domestic ferret is genetically nearly indistinguishable) consists of rats, mice, frogs, snakes, fish, and other small animals. Feeding your ferret a high quality food is one of the most important things you can do for their health. If you found the information on our site useful, please consider donating to our favorite non-profit organization, the Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue. For more information about us, check out our About Us page or if you prefer, just have a look around the site.
Eating a lean protein with your meal is the best way to keep you satiated longer with the fewest calories.  We have to tackle two questions before you can implement this habit, first, what is a lean protein, and second, how much of that protein should I eat? Don’t forget to continue practicing last week’s habit: eat 5 servings of vegetables per day!

Nowhere on that list will you find corn, wheat, rice, soy, or any grain which is the bulk of many commercial ferret foods. Many experts believe excess carbohydrates in their diet is the most likely reason that we see such a high incidence of insulinoma in ferrets.
All pets benefit from improved diet, but ferrets, in particular, suffer heavily when their food is poor quality. They believe it is best for their pet to provide a diet which resembles as closely as possible the food eaten by their wild ancestors. Your goal for this week is to make sure that you are consuming one serving of lean protein with each meal (including snacks). There is a growing belief that a relationship exists between poor diet and other common health problems as well.

Most cat foods do not meet these requirements, the exception being a very few high-quality kitten foods. An excellent resource for help in choosing an appropriate food is the MDFerretPaws Food Comparison Chart.
Their bodies are not biologically designed to absorb and be able to use the nutrients in plant fiber.
Although it hasn’t been updated in several years it will still give you a good idea of what to look for in comparing foods.

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