A London coroner has written a letter to the Health Secretary calling for all pregnant and breastfeeding women to take vitamin D supplements. After holding an inquest into the death of a three-month-old last week, Andrew Walker decided to write to Andrew Lansley.
The baby was taken to a GP in July this year and was diagnosed with a suspected viral infection, and sent home with nasal drops. After a telephone conversation with another doctor, his parents were told to give him paracetamol. However his parents were worried and called an ambulance, where "it was recognised he was seriously unwell" when he was taken to Northwick Park hospital. The baby's death was caused by a septic inflammation of the heart and an abnormal aortic heart valve.
The coroner's court was told a lack of vitamin D had exacerbated the progress of the infection and a consultant said women should be told to take the vitamin when pregnant or breastfeeding.
Mr Walker said in his letter that he should think about ''increasing public awareness of vitamin D deficiency'', and that all pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should take 10mcg of Vitamin D every day.Do you agree with taking supplements during pregnancy or breastfeeding or not? If you're planning to serve dinner at an Under the Sea-themed party, you'll want to make sure none of your guests is allergic to shellfish. You won't want to try a new recipe (no matter how enticing it sounds) the day of your party, so stick to simple fare you know how to cook, made with fresh ingredients.
Don't drive yourself crazy trying to be a mixologist - just serve one funky cocktail on the night.
Make sure your pantry is well-stocked, do all your kitchen prep work the day before and set the table in advance to save yourself some stress come party day. Researchers have warned that as many as one in 100 pupils in UK schools could be taking time off because they suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.
Chronic fatigue - also called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME) - causes excessive tiredness, concentration issues, mood swings and memory difficulties. The study, which was published in the BMJ Open journal, looked at 2,855 pupils at three schools and discovered 28 were absent from school with ME.
After studying every pupil between the ages of 11-16 at three schools in Bath, researchers identified 461 pupils who missed school for at least one day a week over six weeks. Five children had already been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, but another 23 cases were discovered.

The study showed 1% of children had the condition and the illness was the cause of 6% of the high number of absences. The chief executive of the Association of Young People with ME, Mary-Jane Willows, said the problems caused by the illness was "horrendous" and that "1% is a phenomenal number.
He added: "There is everything to play for in terms of outcome for chronic fatigue syndrome in kids. Unless your name happens to be Madonna, you might assume that you'd be feeling less competitive by the age of 50 - but scientists now believe that the reverse is true. Rather than mellowing with age, new research from the University of Oregon indicates that we're actually at our most competitive when we reach our half-century. The findings could impact upon the workplace where younger, more obviously ambitious workers are assumed to have the edge over their older colleagues.
As part of the study, hundreds of volunteers aged from 25 to 75 were asked to solve maths equations as quickly as possible. They were given the choice of playing on their own or taking on a rival with a cash incentive for the winner.
Almost 70 per cent of men aged 45-54 chose to go head-to-head with a rival, compared to 50 per cent in the 25-34 age group. Women were found to be less competitive than men, with only one in three choosing to go head-to-head. Researchers believe that this is because men need to feel socially dominant as they age.Have you become more competitive with age?
J Lo owes her shapely legs and toned abs to the Tracy Anderson Method, but the star also enjoys Zumba (and finds it a useful stress-reliever).
The supermodel says she tries to be '80 percent good, 80 percent of the time' with her diet, and she likes to go for bike rides, hike and use the Power Plate machine. Courteney's rockin' bod is the result of the Tracy Anderson Method (Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow are both devotees).
The 42-year-old actress and dancer stays in shape by playing golf and enjoying her childhood pastime - dancing. Madonna is a slavish devotee to her workout regimen, whether it's using the Tracy Anderson Method or taking a ballet-Pilates-and-yoga-mix barre class. The muscular singer is a yoga-lover, surfer and runner, but she's also a fan of Tony Horton's Power 90-Day Extreme Workout, which mixes weight training, abs, yoga, jumping, martial arts and stretching with a strict diet plan.

The vegetarian with the hottest arms in Hollywood is a fan of healthy raw food and vegan dishes.
We all know that Christmas can be an expensive business, but would you consider cutting costs by serving up wafer-thin turkey and potato waffles for Christmas dinner? By replacing roast turkey with a pack of wafer-thin turkey slices, tucking into potato waffles instead of roasties and using cocktail sausages wrapped in wafer thin ham - or topped with Frazzles bacon-flavour crisps - as an alternative to pigs in blankets, you can 'enjoy' a festive meal for a fraction of the usual cost.
Vegetables can be bought ready-chopped and frozen, ready to go straight into the microwave, and stuffing and gravy can be made from a packet mix.
He adds: "We love a roast potato but at the end of the day, a potato is a potato, no matter what form it comes in. Perk up the committed coffee drinker in your life with this genius portable espresso maker. We've compiled a list of easy entertaining tips to ensure that your hosting goes off without a hitch - and you're not slaving in the kitchen while your guests are in the next room. Also, there's no need to feel pressure to make every little thing - cheeses, cured meats, olives, nuts and roasted peppers all make great snacks and look appealing in glass bowls and on wooden serving trays.
Choose a striking centrepiece for the dining table (it doesn't need to be floral; try grouping some baubles in vases to create a festive feeling) or decorate shelves and mantlepieces with clusters of fruit in both the summer and winter months. Make a playlist in advance featuring your favourite tunes - from disco to pop to Jazz greats. This study demonstrates that about two-thirds had recovered by six months, and that's a really important message for families and GPs."Should ME be considered as a cause of frequent absence or not? When she wants to lose weight, she opts for seven small meals a day and regular exercise like running, walking and working out on the Power Plate.
From creating the cosiest atmosphere to staying on top of the cooking, click through our gallery below for some stress-relieving party-planning tips. Use the Pros or Cons above to refine the types of reviews you want to read Dieting vs. The article itself may or may not be associated with the actual Does Garcinia Cambogia Really Work?

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