This meal plan is what Olympian Annett Davis will be eating during week one of the 2012 Spring Into Shape Challenge.
Click here to download the Spring Into Shape Meal Plan Week 1 with the links to the recipes!!! I am a little behind but starting to do a regular routine and I am loving the two plans that you have for the legs and cardio and upper body, along with the six pack abs.
This amazingly short diet is perfect for losing weight fast in the holiday period when we stuff ourselves with delicious high-calorie food.

Mix all the ingredients in a jar until you get a smooth texture, then store the mixture in the fridge.
Eat a tablespoon of the mixture every morning and drink lots of water throughout the day for best results. I measured myself and cannot wait to see results…the videos that you posted were great and helpful, and I am eating better too, less snacking in between and smaller portions at dinner. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

The only requirement for the Spring Into Shape Challenge is that you follow a healthy eating plan (even if you create your own). On the menu below if it says “fme” that means the recipe is in the FMFKC ebook you should have downloaded when you took the pledge on the right sidebar of the website.

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