Founded in 2008 we have now been able to help thousands of men and ladies lose weight and maintain their new trimmer figure and with clients returning time and time again for their favourite products, wanted to show our gratitude and launched the KeeDiet Loyalty Points Scheme. Chat with other dieters, get first hand advice from other Kee Clients, share your journey, weight, aspirations.
Tell us your story so far, your goal and all about you and keep in touch, support others and be supported by other KeeBee's on a similar journey.

If wishing to join our Secret Slimmer's group, this is great for instant chat, just send us a friend request and we will add you to the growing group once your shopping account has been confirmed. The Referral System is set up to allow one email address, postal address, IP address and alerts us if a similar or variation of any is used and will deny usage placing your order to a Pending status, this could delay dispatchment. We understand that more than one person living at the same address may wish to refer friends.

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