There are those impossible days when you feel like sneaking into a fast food restaurant and ordering the whole menu but you know you just can’t. It is possible to enjoy a meal or two from the fast food restaurant without interfering with your diet plan.
Fast food doesn’t have to be that greasy bucket of chicken nuggets you always dream of ordering. If you are looking to achieve a low carb fast food result, ditch the egg whites and opt for the yolk in wholegrain bread sandwich. For a change, drop the fries and opt for skinless chicken with mustard, lettuce, tomatoes with a touch of black pepper.

For a healthy vitamins-filled fast food, opt for a bowl of green salads tossed with crispy noodles and almonds for toppings. Instead of having those greasy buffalo wings how about you try a homemade sandwich filled with eggs? This classic dairy product is not only low in carbs, it promises a tone of calcium you would otherwise miss in bacon and sausage.
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