If the 3 day cardiac diet is one of the easiest and fastest ways to lose weight; so why haven’t you heard of it?
The odds are good that you actually have already heard of it, or at least something very much like the 3 day cardiac diet, which has also been called the Birmingham Hospital diet.This diet is one of a group of fairly similar diets that have been around for years, including the May Clinic Diet, the Grapefruit Diet, or the Cleveland Clinic diet. The purpose of all these diets is to enable a person to lose as much weight as possible in three days.If you believe that the 3 day cardiac diet and diets like it came from these clinics, then the idea was to help cardiac patients lose the water weight and bloat before surgery.
The institutions all deny that they originated these diets, but they are very effective at rapid weight loss.You will find the 3 day cardiac diet is a high protein, limited calorie diet that emphasizes vegetables and lean protein. You may have coffee or tea with it, but make sure not to use sweeteners or any dairy products.Lunch will be a mixture of tuna and salad.

On the first two days, you may have a half a cup of water packed tuna, and a salad of any size you like. Keep in mind, though, that the salad must be all vegetables – no cheese or croutons or the like.. Make sure to use olive oil as your dressing, and don’t skimp, you need the good fats for proper metabolism.
On the third day of the 3 day cardiac diet you may increase to a full cup.Dinner on the 3 day cardiac diet will consist of as much as you like of any kind of meat, prepared without sauce or breading. You need to back this up with two different types of vegetables, steamed and without sauce except for butter, which you should use on them.Do not eat bread, pasta, or potatoes on the 3 day cardiac diet, because it will disrupt the weight loss formula of the diet.

Remember to drink at least 64 ounces of water while on the diet, and don’t cheat, it’s only three days.

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