Dr Caroline Shreeve was, for many years, a doctor in the outback of Australia, having acquired a considerable track record both medically and as a health writer and journalist in the UK. Whether you want to reduce your weight or establish a healthier lifestyle, this book outlines a comprehensive four-day eating plan with recipes and hints and tips on getting the most out of fat-burner foods.With guaranteed weight-loss of seven pounds a week, without feeling hungry, Fat-Burner Foods provides a safe and realistic way to diet successfully. Besides trim shakes and exercise, is there anything else I can do to lose that ugly belly fat? The author of this video explores many different ways and foods you can eat to lose that ugly fat.

Jim & Susan are health and wellness coaches dedicated to assisting you in living a happier, healthier life and discovering the many benefits of essential oils. Whilst in Australia she became aware of fat-burning food and diets which are used principally to reduce the weight of patients needing surgery. The diet guarantees satisfactory weight reduction whilst also including all the essential food groups, simultaneously banning hunger and boosting energy levels. Why not use food to help you lose weight and when combined with trim shakes and exercise then you have great momentum behind you and that weight will just come off.

With a comprehensive four day eating plan and a range of easy-to-prepare, adaptable recipes, Fat-burner Foods provides a dietary plan that helps establish healthier eating and ensures the weight stays off.

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