If you’ve been searching for information about how to improve your health and eat healthy and balanced food on a daily basis, then you might have come across Nicholas name at least a few times. You may be assured to know that Nicholas Zhou’s cookbook is not packed with thousands of free recipes that you can find anywhere on the Internet. His book only contains low carb, low fat recipes that have been personally cooked and tested by him. He only included recipes that he considered authentic and healthy according to his 4 years of continuous reading, writing, cooking and research.
The cookbook stills contains over 500+ recipes arranged in 15 categories, which should give you enough to choose from and last for years and years.

The cookbook covers the most legendary Chinese recipes as well as many secret recipes that couldn’t be found anywhere else. This is a «must have» recipe book for anyone remotely interested in good health, burning fat or building muscle. Maybe you have wondered what the story is behind his best-selling cookbook on healthy eating on the Internet. Nicholas spent 2 whole years cooking all the dishes in this book and take pictures for those dishes that deserve one for clarity or beauty.
In Nicholas Zhou’s book, I saw the picture and figured out (he also pointed out in the cooking instructions) that the sauce should be poured over the beef on the plate instead of being stirred with the beef in the hot wok.

Nicholas promised that he will keep adding new recipes and cooking tips to his masterpiece and he will offer free download for the updated version whenever it’s available.

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