What foods are included in the Dairy Group?All fluid milk products and many foods made from milk are considered part of this food group. We're doing a nutrition unit in gym and my partner and I are doing a presentation on the Dairy Group next week. The biggest changemaker for getting individuals to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, especially children, is to have them actively participate in growing the food either at home with a home garden or at school. When I started to use your SuperTracker I realized that I wasn't eating as healthy as I could (or should). According to experts from Harvard Medical School, all fat-free diary products may be harmful for women in reproductive age.

The scientists conclude that the lack of fat in milk has a negative influence on the reproductive organs. They found women who didn’t consume much fat-free milk and other fat-free diary products and drank regular milk, kefir and yogurt were healthier and more able to conceive. Through this site I can learn and get more information about the best and right food for the pregnant women. Foods made from milk that have little to no calcium, such as cream cheese, cream, and butter, are not. These include lactose-reduced or lactose-free milk, yogurt, and cheese, and calcium-fortified soymilk (soy beverage).

Calcium-fortified foods and beverages may not provide the other nutrients found in dairy products.
Check the labels.Canned fish (sardines, salmon with bones) soybeans and other soy products (tofu made with calcium sulfate, soy yogurt, tempeh), some other beans, and some leafy greens (collard and turnip greens, kale, bok choy).

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