Maple Grove Farms uses quality dairy products, spices, cheese and pure maple syrup to bring out the great taste you've come to expect from their salad dressings.
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Please consult with a healthcare professional before starting any diet or exercise program. I don’t know exactly when it happened, but sometime after reading Eat to Live and deciding to eat Mega-Huge salads almost every day, I grew to like my salads spicy. If you’re not using a high-powered blender such as the VitaMix, you may get smoother results by soaking the raisins in the water until they are plump and then blending. I recently read Eat to Live too and needed this post today to motivate me to eat yet another Ginormous Salad. This dressing looks so good, and I have been craving giant salads lately (after eating comfort food all winter).
This is basically the same as I do but I hadn’t found a dressing I liked as well as a commercial one. Another trick I do is to make extra steel cut oats in the morning with raisins, chia seeds and almond milk. Can I use plain salt instead of the jalapeno as there is no Vulcan’s Fire Salt here (New Zealand)? I love to make a huge salad for lunch and a lot of the ingredients I use are in this recipe.
I am a big fan of sweet and savory together, so thanks for inspiring me to use up my dried fruit in a new way! After some really beautiful sunny weather here is Scotland, we have now said hello to a few days of snow.
I massaged my Kale for other salads by mixing it by hand in the same way you would mix a meat loaf by hand. Hi Susan, this looks like another amazing recipe, thank you so much for everything that you have shared. I’m going to go ahead and just try this out anyway, but it would be great to know amounts too.
Kate, I believe a bunch is somewhere between 10 and 12 ounces, so I’m guessing that 300 grams might be an amount to shoot for. Also, for people who don’t want to get their hands dirty, baby kale is always an option (usually comes in tubs).
I would use straight apple cider vinegar rather than regular balsamic just because the dark balsamic will make the dressing muddy looking.

Didn’t have white balsamic so used rice vinegar , I didn’t even know there WAS white balsamic! The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, proxy cached or otherwise used, without written permission of content owners. No claim or opinion on these pages is intended to be, nor should be construed to be, medical advice. I have a tendency to get more creative with my lunch when I suspect I may be sharing it with the world. I started with strictly spicy salads like Taco Salad, and somewhere along the way I fell in love with the combination of sweet and spicy. All comments are read and appreciated, and if you have a question, I will try to respond within a couple days. I am trying to cut down my oil consumption, this is exactly what I was hoping to find by going to your blog.
If an item is not listed in this section, we do not guarantee that it will work with the product you are viewing and do not recommend that you purchase them for use together. Any salad dressing will do, whether it contains fat or not, and, as Nava Atlas points out in Wild About Greens, you can even use salt, though you have to be very careful not to add a salty dressing on top of it. It’s the fourth in a series of posts, so be sure to start at the beginning to follow the story.
This recipe looked so appealing that I went ahead and made it last night, and it was super delicious!
The recipe looks great (can’t wait to try that pumpkin seed dressing) and your little jokes about massaging were funny!
I plan to make for my friend’s birthday this evening… Do you think the salad would hold up well enough if made 8 hours beforehand, or should it be served immediately? I love these kinds of recipes because you can easily adjust things based on what you have on hand! Second, because the image of massage therapists furiously rubbing the kale leaves was hilarious!
When you dig into a bag of these crunchy, delicious snacks, you'll experience cheese overload.
There’s something about biting into a crisp, sweet chunk of apple while my mouth is pulsating with heat that makes eating a salad more exciting than it has any right to be. Fuhrman does not advocate the use of oil, his balsalmic dressing in his book has oil in it! Seriously, though, I almost left my romaine at the co-op for something more fluttery looking yesterday.

I cannot wait to try your dressing, since I am on a quest to find more tasty, low-fat or no-fat dressings. Massaging takes the perkiness right out of kale leaves, leaving them limp and less attractive to the camera lens. I use kale several times a week in smoothies which is another healthy and delicious way to go with this fantastic vegetable.
In my imagination, you are in the kitchen about 12 hours a day creating, tasting, and the dreaded clean-up.
My current favorite salad seasoning is Vulcan’s Fire Salt, a fiery, habanero-infused salt from The Spice House that I think tastes great on salads. Or just try the dressing, which is fat-free, refined sugar-free, soy-free, and preservative-free–so you can use it freely. I used red wine vinegar, garam masala, about 2 tsp of almond butter, a little coconut aminos. And though for the last few years people all over the planet have been rubbing their kale like deranged massage therapists, every time I tried a massaged kale salad, I wound up wanting to put the whole thing into a steamer. But the harder you rub, the more the cell walls break down, making the kale more tender and less bitter.
I liked the contrast of the tangy lime and jalapeno flavor of the dressing with the sweetness of grilled sweet potatoes, and I added pinto beans to make this a main dish salad. My current favorite is The Spice House's Vulcan's Fire Salt, an extra-spicy blend made with habanero peppers. Only problem is now I will have to wait for more pears to grow and ripen so I can dry them. But this week I became a massaged kale convert when I finally realized what I was doing wrong. Both the dressing and the salad were a hit with my husband, who was probably wondering what he’d have to do to get the kale treatment. The nutritional info below assumes two large salads and does not include garnishes or additional dressing.

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