When time is limited butt still want an effective weight loss workout that burns tons of calories and fat, try this six-minute metabolic training.
Afterburn effect is when your body is set to burn fat both during and after your workout. Perform each exercise back-to-back for 20 seconds and then quickly move to the next with no rest in between.
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It revs up your metabolism and creates the afterburn effect, so your body can keep burning calories 24-48 hours post workout.
Since metabolic training gets your body working hard during the workout, it has to work just as hard post workout to get back to it’s pre-exercise state.
Because you are burning fat for a longer duration of time, you can get the maximum fat burning from 5-6 minutes of metabolic training than an average 50 minute workout. Example, 20 seconds Kettlebell swing followed by 20 seconds of Kettlebell squats, then 20 seconds of pushups, then finish with 20 seconds of medicine ball slams.

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