There are two main things that go into creating a fat loss meal plan for a woman as opposed to a man. If you have tracked my other meal plans for fat shredding, you will see what this plan even has some similar meals and recipes. If you find that you are spending more on food to feed your growing muscles and feeling the pinch, this book is for you. This program consists of a cookbook of 200 healthy, tasty recipes meant to enhance muscle building and fat loss. Along with the cookbook is a nutrition and food guide, which explains the macro nutrients in food and the fundamentals of muscle building nutrition, such as what to eat and when to eat. The package also comes with an easy to use calorie calculator, supplements guide, done for you meal plans and food and training logs. He is a competitive bodybuilder, a professional muscle building coach and also a nutritionist.
Which could be because they are too lazy to cook proper meals, too busy to do so, or just lack nutritional knowledge. That’s was what Dave realized and he saw the opportunity to help gym goers enhance their muscle gains and not sabotage their time and energy in the gym. Modern life is a bitch and many people including me just cannot find the time for grocery shopping and preparing our meals. Dave recognized this issue and as such, designed his recipes to be fast and easy to prepare, literally within minutes. I’m grateful for that as this stuff can easily get technical and convoluted having read tons of other nutrition guides before.
I like the honey-garlic glazed chicken, beef teriyaki, the high protein fudge bars and zucchini hash browns. This makes is extremely easy for you to track how many calories you have been getting and come up with a properly customized meal plan for yourself.
Because by controlling your intake precisely, you can maximize your muscle gains while minimizing your fat gains. If you do not want to customize one due to time constraints, there are ready made meal plans Dave has prepared as well. There are also optimum fat loss meal plans provided, though it would be more appropriate for us when we are cutting down. I know, I always include such a section for all my reviews, but honestly, it’s hard to pick out one for this program. But if I had to choose, I would say it lacks vegetarian recipes, sorry for those who are vegetarians!
To sum up, I would say anabolic cooking is an excellent one stop solution for all your nutritional needs.
If you need help with nutrition or are just not seeing the muscle gains you should be getting, this is a great resource to rectify those problems. Good review but one little problem….you stated that monounsaturated fats are BAD for you? Wayne really nice review though and I like your site :) What do you think about the whole organic vs conventional food products argument? Quite a number of sites actually promote organic produce, but an article from mayoclinic states that after a recent study examining the past 50 years worth of scientific articles about the nutrient content of organic and conventional foods , it’s not quite clear that organic food is more nutritious. The goal of ectomorph workout is simple: to act as a one stop source for all ectomorphs, hardgainers and skinny guys to pack on muscle mass and gain weight effectively. Join My Inner CircleDo you want to learn how to enhance your muscle and weight gain effectively?
Despite what some food companies would have you believe, the body absolutely needs healthy fat’s not only  to protect many of your vital organs but also as an energy source for you. Ask yourself for a minute, if low fat products were as effective as food manufacturers would have you believe, why is obesity on the increase in so many countries? The Simple Fat Loss Meal Plan will reveal to you why many low fat products are more detrimental to your fat loss goals than eating healthy fats. Crash diets may bring about short term results which are mostly as a result of water weight loss but long term they can cause amongst other things, unnecessary muscle wastage  and rebound weight gain that can be double or more what you initially lost. With age there will already be a degree of muscle wastage so it is important to try to protect what muscle you have as much as possible. You can be forgiven for thinking eating any type of fat will make you fat, after all this is what you see advertised in magazines, newspapers,TV etc.

As much as I would like to tell you that I am a running a  billion dollar business I am not. It took a lot of trial and error and my own research to discover that it really is the simple basic things that you and I  know and probably  grew up with that will get us to where we need  to be with our bodies and you must start with your nutrition.
With the greatest respect in the world to many endorsed athletes and celebrities you and I know very well that many of  the products they advertise or endorse, they do not use, and if a massive pay check was not being given to them how many do you think would continue to endorse these products?
I know that if I can be in great shape at 43 then you can too no matter what your age or background. Simply because your nutrition plays the biggest role in getting the body shape you want-at least 80%  of the solution to getting into shape is NUTRITION.
If it was exercise then nearly everybody who attends a gym or trains at least 3 times a week would be in super shape and you and I know this is not true. There are thousands of trainers and strength coaches the world over, all with differing views on exercise and fitness programs but you can bet your bottom dollar that if you ask any trainer what is the key to a great physique they will tell you that your nutrition is key and plays a greater role than exercise. The star has been put through her paces by her personal trainer, Paulette, and says she is determined to keep up the hard work. Well, I’ve finished the program and am very pleased with the final results – my clothes say it all and I’m looking forward to clearing out my wardrobe and getting some fun things in it. I hear time and time again when people come to me to say they are ready, they want to make a change.
That they do not consider themselves,their health important enough to make the time for it. There are already enough food companies making billions from you and giving you little back in return. If you follow the program as outlined without excuses, cheating or deviating from it, I can assure you, you will see some great results.
Of course I’d love to tell you exactly how much but remember the beauty of this program is one size does not fit all and equally results from one person to the next will differ.
So if after purchasing  The Simple Fat Loss Meal Plan you decide for whatever reason it is not for you. So if you are really ready to get your body into the shape you desire long term then take action now. You really don’t have anything to lose apart from lots of body fat, so take that all important first step right NOW!
If you have any issues downloading your E-Book,  please email me and I will rectify it for you. If you feel like you’re eating the same couple of boring meals over and over – you need these 100 fat loss meal ideas! I regularly enjoy things like bacon wrapped avocado, sweet potato nachos, steak, salmon cakes and chocolate-avocado mousse.
Many of us know what we ought to eat for fat loss, but we repeatedly make contrary choices.
So, while food is really important, we have to be sure that we’re solving the real problem.
I am 100% confident that Breaking Barriers is what MOST people need to tackle their weight loss challenges because it helps you address the real issues – WHY you eat instead of WHAT you eat.
I’ve created a 28-Day healthy fat loss plan full of healthy, real foods and quick fat-burning workouts that will help increase your energy, lose stubborn fat, and become the healthiest version of yourself. The meal plan provides you with 3 meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and 2 snacks (mid-morning and mid-afternoon).
If your ultimate goal is to lose weight AND burn excess fat make sure you are performing metabolic workouts at least 3 times per week for 20-30 minutes. According to most studies, the ideal amount of exercise tends to be 4x per week for 20-30 minutes of high-intensity training. Before I provide you with the comprehensive meal plans, I want to give you even simpler options for succeeding with this plan.
For breakfast, always begin with a protein and a fat, like eggs, avocado, coconut oil, grass-fed butter, grass-fed meat, grass-fed dairy, and oats or beans. For lunch, always start with a protein (organic chicken, wild fish, grass-fed meats, beans, lentils, quinoa, turkey, tuna, grass-fed cheeses, etc…), then a fat (avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, almonds, etc…), then 1-3 servings of vegetables and 1 fruit. For lunch you can eat more starches, grains, gluten-free breads, and fruits than for dinner. For dinner, always start with a protein (organic chicken, wild fish, grass-fed meats, beans, lentils, quinoa, turkey, tuna, grass-fed cheeses, etc…) and vegetables.

The best thing you can do is avoid inflammatory foods, eat the foods listed here, and stay consistent. What I haven’t done well up to this point, is to look at a fat loss meal plan for women!
For men or women, I still believe and have seen over and over that you can get great results with the Fat Shredder ratios from P90X. I help people get results and use my experience and the experience of thousands of teamRIPPED members to do it.
The bad fats are saturated and transfats while the good fats are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats…. Many Food companies heavily promote  low fat products so surely they cant be lying to us can they? As a mum, I like many other mums wanted to get my body back into shape after having my daughter but it wasnt a walk in the park as often people think. Even though many of those that you see visit the gym at least 3 times a week, this may even describe you! They are fed up of not being happy with their body they know it is their nutrition that is the problem, they want to make a change.
I am passionate about helping you and people like you who, either want to get  into shape or simply want to take their body to the next level. Don’t forget it  is not a a crash diet it is a meal plan that will teach you to look at your nutrition as a lifestyle. You don’t have spend hours googling, I’ve compiled the best of the best for you!
When I enter my info and hit the button, it subscribes me to your newsletter but does not send me the recipes. I’ve also included below the ability to download the workouts videos to follow along with a personal trainer and client.
Choose from the above meals, paying special attention to the macro-nutrient portions for each meal, do your 3-4 metabolic exercise sessions per week, and stick with it. I'm a Holistic Nutritionist, CPT, CES or AKA "The Nutrition Ninja." I'm here to help keep YOU informed on the BEST and most effective Healthy Fat Loss strategies.
Now we can always set a calorie goal that is very specific for you with my Calorie Calculator, but on a whole women tend to be shorter and have ideal or goal weights that are lower than a man. That being said, you may need to set a slightly lower protein goal to make this more realistic.
We can easily add 100 calories if you are starting a little higher, or we can drop 100 calories if you are starting lower. As well as this there is a buzz for you the consumer in the hope that the newest low fat product will finally get you the body you have been desperate  to obtain. All you need to do is email me at the address that you will get when you make your secured Paypal payment and request your refund.
Please contact me if you would like a Special Edition Hard Back Copy which will can be posted to you. Stick to this way of eating 80-95% of the time and you’ll not only lose weight, but you’ll get rid of stubborn fat you thought you would NEVER be able to get rid of.
So a woman that might be starting at 180 pounds will have a different end goal than a man at 180#. As always, if you are working out with a longer Beachbody program like P90X, Body Beast, Insanity, etc don’t go under 1200 calories! These are simple, delicious & fat loss friendly meal ideas so you can eat foods you love AND reach your goals. Protein, even when you might be eating more than the bare minimum, is a great macro as it burns more calories to use protein than it does carbs or fats. If you are a guy on teamRIPPED using my 2400 plan, download this for your wife and you two can share a lot of meals!
That 50# goal is very different than the man at 180 that may only want to get to 160 (or need to get there).

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