The majority of foods on this list are fruit and vegetables, and none of which are processed foods. In addition to burning more calories than it consumes, the food items on this list also contain nutrients which are essential to the body and help in breaking down fatty deposits, which makes it easier for your body to help flush out the fat. According to Michael Zemel, a Professor of Nutrition and Medicine at the University of Tennessee, fat breakdown in fat cells is promoted by calcium rich foods such as those found in dairy. Watch Alexandra 7 FREE Videos and learn the secrets to slimmer, sexier body in the next 90 Days.
Some types of food are very low in calories and actually burn more calories through digestion than are actually consumed.

Incorporating as much as possible of the foods on this list will help you lose weight and will also increase your energy levels.
These foods help the body to burn up excessive stored fat, helping you lose weight, and should be incorporated into a good healthy eating meal plan.
Although there is research that shows dairy products as a fat burning food, there is not enough research to come to a conclusion. Zemel found that when comparing dairy rich foods to foods that were low in dairy, the rate in which one can lose weight nearly doubles with the same level of calories. Doing these two steps will help you make lifestyle choices that will help you achieve your goals and keep you achieve your goals and keep you fit and healthy.

However, there is much more research that must be performed before a final conclusion can be made, and current lifestyle changes should be aware of this.

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