It can be a hard thing to balance staying in shredded condition while still drinking with friends and going out. When you are trying to get in tip top shape for the summer, this is the last thing you want to be reminded of. Unless you are going to live like a monk and stay extremely disciplined with your diet, not consuming any poor carbs or alcohol, you will get the urge to go for a few drinks. Instead of putting a big hole in your progress by going out and having a dozen pints of beer and subsequent fast food, here are some tips from diet experts on how you can limit damage.

Here are three drinks that you can have without getting all the bad effects that are accompanied with drinking beer. This Mexican liquor only has 96 calories provided you arena€™t using a sugary drink as a mixer. A great way to have tequila is to have a Paleo Margarita, which is a cocktail of agave tequila, fresh lime and soda water. In one glass, there is a fair amount of calories, with about 170 calories and 6g worth of carbs in a single 250ml glass.

There have been studies showing that a glass of wine in the evening helps to prevent cravings and snacking. It also has a chemical called resveratrol that stops fat cells in the body from taking on additional fat.

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