I also spent a year in London, working with disabled children which caused me to change my training program.
When I am preparing for a photo shoot or competition, I am on a 8 week diet to help me get in perfect shape. It sends your body into ketosis – a state of elevated levels of ketone bodies in your body. To gain muscles weight as I mentioned above, you should eat good carbohydrates and protein.
Please do not ask for permissions to use these images in your projects, as we do not own the copyrights for them. The most ripped fitness model and former sprinter, the guy who dominated the fitness world in his first year by getting cover after cover. This guy went from being fat in 2008 to a top fitness model by working hard and not making any excuses, he modelled himself after greg plitt because he knew that was going to be his future competition and because they are about the same height and body type.

If there is anything to take away from seeing guys with physiques like these is that they all work their butts off day in and day out in the gym. He is the first German fitness model on Skinny Muscles but more importantly, he is Men’s Health Cover Model Contest Finalist 2013. I am a fitness model and personal trainer, based in Germany and I love transforming myself. I often change my workout routine which confuses my muscles and keeps me focussed on my goals. When I am back home in the Alps I do lot of mountain biking, hiking, climbing and snowboarding.
That means that your body takes its energy for the workouts almost entirely from the fat you eat and your own body fat.
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They lead active lifestyles which make it easy for them to stay in shape and to stay lean year round, this is particularly true when it comes to Greg Plitt who was one of the top guys in wrestling in his state when he was in high school, he has always been a fitness junkie and a jock, the same can be said for Obi Obadike, who has been a athlete for most of his life.
In this exclusive interview, Florian talks about his involvement with fitness and shares his tips about working out and dieting.
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