We take away all the temptation and deliver all your daily food requirements direct to your door.
Designed for weight loss and based on the same “perfectly balanced” principles as our popular big sister, you will receive fresh and tasty weight loss meals created at Balance Box HQ using huge (and we mean huge) amounts of love, imagination and science (yes, science. All of our meals are balanced to ensure your energy levels are just right, cravings become a thing of the past, and most importantly pounds are shed. We believe that ethically sourced food results in a well balanced body and mind (we aren’t hippies, I promise, though we do like going bare foot in the office). Lunch – Balanced Super Food Salad A super healthy dish that will ease you through your day! A brief round up of our recent reviews in the papers and magazines & some opinions from real life balance boxers!!
I've been so excited about getting this shipment that I've been telling everyone - friends, clients, colleagues, etc., and I've received more than one puzzled look in response.
It is up to you to choose whether you're going to eat unhealthy foods that will clog your arteries, increase your cholesterol levels, and lead to obesity and illness or if you'll take the healthier route.

It is also up to you to choose how much you're going to eat and when you're going to put the fork, spoon, and knife down. Speaking of dominating workouts, it still baffles me how anyone, especially those free from illness or injury can go through the motions of a workout without giving it their all. If you're not already doing so, start giving it your all in fitness, in nutrition, and in everything you do. Stay Healthy, Eat Well, Live Better!  Relax and enjoy great tasting, healthy meals, delivered  to your Long Island-New York home or office. Taste Haven delicious meals will make it easier for you to eat well, maintain your healthy weight and add convenience to your life. Enjoy a variety of fresh prepared meals, custom tailored to your specific taste and specific meal regimen that adheres to your dietary needs. Good food for your healthy livingOur meal program is just what you want out of a food plan: Each dish contains a lean protein source, high quality complex carbohydrates ( such as power grains like, quinoa, sweet potatoes, beans, lentils), fresh vegetables and packed with sweet, tasty herbs and flavors.
Special dietary plans We have a meal plan that works best for you and delivered right to your door.

We have a plan that meets your needs and will make healthy eating on a special diet plan easier for you and your family. Our client started our program 30 Day Weight Loss Promise and she has already lost 3 kilos within the first two weeks. The potassium found in chicken helps to control blood pressure levels in the body.(Beetroot, broccoli, asparagus, free-range chicken, barley couscous, pumpkins seeds. This is real, seasonal, tasty, healthy diet food delivery goodness that delivers weight loss results.
Get instant access to the 31 Tasty and Guilt Free Dessert Recipe Book just by entering your email in the box below. As she finds it difficult to stick to a diet everyday, we help her with a fresh and cooked menu delivered daily.

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