Xbox Kinect is a good way to get fit and keep healthy, especially for losing weight and toning up your muscles, thanks for sharing the best games for such activities. You are going to spit your wine on your computer screen when I confess something to you, so swallow now. Figure out which sister you relate the most with: Kim and her bombshell hips, Kourtney and her laid back mom style, or Khloe and her on the go style. The most important step in pulling off a Kardashian look is to channel your inner Kardashian swagger. And a special note to all of my fellow junk in the trunk women, try on a peplum dress and be amazed at how easy it is to fit Kim’s style into your life. You look gorgeous and my daughter was reading this post with me (she is 9) and she said you look great!!
My name is Mallery and I’m a recovering workaholic oversharing with a solid sense of humor. After you have the hard part done, go to Sears and make a beeline to the Kardashian Kollection.
Wearing a little black dress means you can be as loud as you would like in the jewelry department! Hard to believe that dress came from Sears, but I do like how much their fashion has changed. I have no idea which Kardashian I want to dress like when I grow up, but I do love Sears for shopping.

Please be aware that links in articles may lead you to a site where you can make a purchase. Like I needed a dress for my bestie’s wedding and walked out of Sears with two because they were priced right. Something you might not know if you aren’t a Kollection addict like myself, you will find outfits to suit all three sisters. Turn up My Humps as you are getting ready for the event and dance around in your skivvies! Heck, shake it to My Goodies if that is more your speed! I think I tried on 10 different Kim inspired dresses, loving all of them, but settled on this one because of the balance between the sexy slit scoop neckline and classy color. I have junk in the trunk, and also junk in the front, so I think I’ll wait till I tone up little more to wear a dress this tight. Well, that and I sometimes have a hard time deciding which Kardashian sister I want to grow up and be like.
Every personality is represented and is probably why I focus so much attention to the Kollection. Kardashian jewelry is in line with affordable fashion because it is on sale every time I go shopping.

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