Athletes in endurance training drink electrolytes to replace minerals lost while exercising. People who exercise strenuously should drink electrolyte-enhanced water or beverages to replace crucial minerals lost through sweat. Gradual intake of sodium and water can correct confusion, muscle weakness, and seizures due to electrolyte imbalance. Choosing the best electrolyte drink is usually a matter of understanding why the drink could be valuable to you and then researching your options, paying close attention to things like nutrient content and added sugar. Before selecting an electrolyte drink, it is important to understand what exactly it is, who needs to consume it, and what the basic differences are between the various options.
Electrolytes are minerals in the body that keep an electric charge, transporting nutrients to cells and exporting wastes away from cells. The three main minerals that most people lose during strenuous exercise are sodium, chloride, and potassium. Some beverages also boast that they have protein, which can make them seem more attractive.

Many sports drinks contain essential amino acids, such as glutamine, leucine, valine, and isoleucine, as an alternative to protein. Some people may quickly become overwhelmed by the choices available, the complexity of the ingredient labeling, or both.
I make a homemade electrolyte hydration drink from diluted apple juice, vinegar, stevia and lite salt for sodium and potassium electrolytes.
Ingredient labels can sometimes be a bit confusing to read, but making sense of the chemical names and understanding what, if anything, they add to the drink can help you identify the one that is the ideal — for you, at least. Athletes are some of the most common consumers, but people who spend a lot of time outdoors, particularly if they’re doing a lot of physical work, might also reach for this sort of drink to replenish some of the salts they’re losing through sweat. Generally, an electrolyte drink is a beverage that replaces essential electrolytes and minerals that are lost during long periods of vigorous exercise. Although some sports drinks are very high in sugar, which is a simple carbohydrate, studies have shown that even top athletes do not require more than 6% of these substances in their drinks. Keep in mind, though, that studies have shown that this is not essential in a sports drink.

With these drinks, your body will get many of the benefits protein without the problems associated with actually consuming protein, such as digestive distress. It’s important to remember that “best” is a subjective term, and what’s best for you might not be best for someone else. For example, some drinks are primarily sugar-based with only minimal nutrients, while others are full of minerals that work to the benefit of the body.
Avoiding or limiting sugars while looking for the most robust electrolyte balance often yields a nutritionally superior drink, which qualifies as “best” for most people. If you aren’t able to find a product that meets your specifications at the store, you may be able to make your own at home.
Alternately, some studies have shown that drinking a glass of chocolate milk provides the same benefits as most sports drinks.

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