A cool and tasty lunch that can be a little tricky to eat unless you buy a skinny cucumber or cut the finished sandwich into slice, I saw a photo on pinterest of a sandwich using cucumber instead of bread.
I used a paper towel to just kind of pick up the excess moisture and spread half the cheese into two of the cucumber halves (it is more mushing than spreading LOL), add a little fresh dill if you like, roll three slice of meat and place on one of the cheesy cucumbers and repeat with the rest of the meat and other cheesy cucumber half.
Place the two plain cucumber pieces onto of the filled bottoms so that you have what looks somewhat like a little like a sub sandwich.
Bake in pan at 350°F for 20 to 30 minutes or until toothpick inserted near the center comes out clean. For the frosting, beat the cream cheese in a mixing bowl and add the Splenda, vanilla and lemon peel. I found this recipe on a low carb recipe site and I served it last night (my husband has been begging me to make Jambalaya and I finally found a low-carb version). After reading about the many benefits of xylitol, I went looking for a recipe that would tell me how to add it to unsweetened chocolate and make my own sugar-free chocolate. Heat the mixture, stirring occasionally, until dissolved, smooth, and very hot (no need to boil). The only thing wrong with this recipe is, I have to hide the crackers from my DH if I actually want to eat any! July 17, 2013 By Carolyn 99 Comments Creamy coconut custard in a flaky gluten-free almond flour pastry crust. So once I worked out my almond flour pastry crust and made the low carb Strawberry Hand Pies, I figured it was time to put it to the test and make one large pie crust out of it. I wanted to make a pastry crust that CAN actually be rolled, but patting it into place is fine too.
These little yummies need to be stored frozen because they melt really quickly, but you can eat them straight from the freezer.
Heat butter, chocolate, and Splenda on HIGH in the microwave until the mixture is melted (about 60 to 90 seconds-do not boil). Well the first try tasted good but was very had to eat because I had used a normal size cucumber and in the end cut it into bite size rounds.

Cut on half horizontally and then cut each half vertically in half, you should now have 4 pieces that you can scrape the seeds and pulp out of to make what looks somewhat like 4 little canoes. It was really nice eatting a dessert that was low carb and more importantly didn't taste low carb.
It was excellent, easy to make, and had a nice kick to it (I added extra hot sauce, which might explain why it had a nice kick to it :-). I couldn't find one quickly and was feeling impatient, so I made this up and it turned out quite well! The first time I saw this pie crust recipe and how delicate it was, made me wonder why not just pat it into the pie pan.
The only problem is, I would be the only one to eat it, LOL……so, my question is, do you think if I sliced it into individual pieces and froze them for later it would be OK? I was really craving the spices and flavors of fall and this recipe really delivered for me. If you are not eating low-carb, then I am sure you can add some rice to it (or serve it on top of rice). I made it to the recipe and added a wee bit more Tabasco to it as we like hot and it didn't disappoint.
I find a straight edge, like a ruler, works well, though you can use a rolling pin or wine bottle too. They make a nice base for mini pizzas using bruschetta and fresh mozzarella, or a shmear of cream cheese and smoked salmon. I recently made a crustless coconut custard but again no such luck for him, although he tried it every time at least! Has anyone every had success freezing pieces of pie like this and just taking out a slice at a time?
According to my favourite cookbook, you can substitute a square of baking chocolate with 3 Tbsp cocoa powder mixed with 1 Tbsp canola oil. Instead of the recommended pan I used a 8x8 pan for fear that if I didn't the bar would be too thin.

I am low carbing so I didn't have rice with it but DH did he never even twigged that it was low carb. The important thing is not to let it be too thin around the edges or that part will overcook before the center firms up.
Fabulous tip on chilling the dough after rolling out but before placing into pie plate…similar to sugar cookie dough for easier handling. Now, instead of nuts in the bottom of the cupcake liners, I just use crunchy peanut butter.
When factoring in the almond flour, a serving of 15 yielded 163 calories and 9 carbs each (according to MyFitnessPal recipe calculator. After the third cup used inside the loaf, I poured the rest over the meatloaf the last 15 min in the oven. So after you spread it out, go around the edges with your finger and push the thin part inwards to even it up. My oldest son is pretty agreeable to this… and my daughter eats everything under the sun. I highly recommend allowing this to cool off properly so that it doesn't taste overly like splenda.
Sprinkle with additional almond flour and top with another piece of parchment, then carefully roll out in all directions to form a 11 inch circle. Place on a baking sheet and freeze 10 minutes. I use to own a small pie company a few years back, I had a special request for gluten free… I destroyed it. I am over the moon excited to try this recipe for crust out on my friend to make up for my failure years ago!

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