Discover how to make low carb versions of your favorite foods and enjoy your diet while achieving your health and weight loss goals! New low carb dieters often say how they long for the springy texture of bread, or the crunchiness of a cookie.
Our Cookbook is full of quick and easy recipes for the foods you most miss when you go low carb.
So I discovered how to make low carb sauces, pies, quiches, bread, cakes, cookies, desserts, ice cream, yoghurt and so on.
It comes as a surprise to many people, but dieting the low carb way doesn't mean you have to miss out on your favorite foods! You can still have 'normal' foods such as bread, quiche, pies, sauces, cookies, yoghurt, ice cream, porridge and granola cereal on your low carb diet!
Read on to see how the cookbook I developed as I made my journey to better health can help you too.
So many low carb or low GI cookbooks are about meals or recipes that are easily converted to low carb or low GI by simply leaving out the 'carby' ingredients - but I was not content with that.
Not many people know, for instance, that chocolate eclairs, or chicken risotto, or apple cake are possible on a low carb or low GI diet. Use metric, imperial or cup measures - You won't need an ingredient conversion calculator as ingredients are shown in imperial, metric and cups, so they are already converted for British, American, Canadian, Australian and all other Cookbook users. You can even mix measures, unlike most cookery books - recipe conversions between metric, imperial and cups are exact, not rounded, in order to ensure that the carb count is always accurate. Reference tables for common ingredients - These tables are incredibly time-saving, as anyone who has tried to weigh out small quantities of bakemix ingredients and calculate their carb counts will know. Carb and low GI values explained - Reference sources and manufacturers' labels often give conflicting carb values, and the reasons for this are explained in the cookbook. Learn carb values effortlessly - With carb counts shown for each individual ingredient, you'll soon get a feel for the foods you have to watch without having to run for your carb counter!
If you've joined the low carbohydrate diet revolution, here's just the site to help you stay on track.
Change existing recipes - You can personalise the recipes, say if you don't care for an ingredient and want to substitute it with something else. Add recipes - Not only can you change the existing recipes, but you can also add completely new ones. Import recipes from elsewhere - The cookbook will even let you import your favourite recipes from other places on the Web. Automatic carb calculation when you change ingredients or quantities - Perhaps you don't like garlic. Change carb counts - If your brand has a different value to the one used in the cookbook, that's no problem! Choose your own serving size - Perhaps you want to divide the shortbread into 12 and not 10 – simply change the number of servings and watch the cookbook recalculate the carbs per serving. Access your cookbook from anywhere in the world - Going on holiday or visiting is not a problem at all. Help is always at hand - The Cookbook has been designed to be easy to use, but to help you get the most from it, there is a comprehensive help facility available from the toolbar on every page. Your own personalised cookbook - The cookbook even automatically organises your recipes, including those you have changed or created yourself or imported from elsewhere, and generates an updated Contents page. You can see the full list of recipes and explore the recipe software features of the Cookbook in the live demonstration version of the Cookbook.
I want as many people as possible to be able to use these recipes to keep the diet killers of boredom and deprivation at bay. Low carb, low GI (glycemic index) and their close relative low GL (glycemic load) diets are based on the same scientific principle - that out-of-control blood sugar and insulin levels are to blame for most people's overweight problems. With this closely packed 38-page Guide to Low Carb, Low GI and Low GL Diets you will learn everything you need to know to make an informed decision on which diet is the best for you and how to get started on the diet of your choice.
The 22-page GI & GL Handy Reference Tables provide you with GI and GL ratings for hundreds of foods, specially designed for you to print them out for quick reference in the supermarket or in your kitchen. Our 14-day menu plans for Atkins induction and other low carb diets, and 21-day low GI and GL diet menu plans are ideal for helping to keep you on your diet.
As a low carber, you'll want to keep up to date on the latest diet and nutrition research and information. The hardest thing is the weekends, you want to have a treat with the rest of the family and join in. Just change its carb count and the cookbook will immediately display the new total carbs and carbs per serving. We're so sure that you'll find it invaluable in helping you stay on your diet and achieve your dietary goals that you can return it anytime up to 365 days after purchase, and we'll refund your entire payment.
You will also find a summary of the similarities and differences between low carb, low GI and low GL diets, to help you decide which diet is right for you and a step-by-step guide to help you get started on whichever diet you have chosen.

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