Buy-Low Foods is a privately held company purchased by The Jim Pattison Group, Vancouver, British Columbia in 1995. Buy-Low Foods is the largest food wholesale distributor to independents in Canada, servicing nearly 1,800 supermarket, convenience and specialty produce markets.
Buy-Low Foods banner is committed to delivering the best prices everyday on products that matter to customers the most.

The company was originally founded in 1966 with the first store opening at Arbutus Street & 16th Avenue in Vancouver.
With 24 corporate and franchise supermarkets, Buy-Low Foods also provides quality products at low, low prices directly to consumers in communities throughout British Columbia and Alberta. Buy-Low Foods is committed to delivering great value to every community through all of its retail operations.

Each store is unique, but shares one thing in common: a commitment to delivering great quality products at low, low food prices.

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